Benefits to Corporations and Associations of Offering a FIRST Scholarship

  • Create awareness of your organization among the best and brightest technical leaders of tomorrow.  Promote your corporation to over 50,000 talented and motivated high school students who are interested in a range of engineering disciplines, mathematics, science, computer programming, and technology.
  • Help talented students achieve their educational goals and become productive members of the technical workforce.  These students have learned problem-solving and time management skills, have had hands-on experience, and know the power of teamwork and gracious professionalism.  The life skills learned in FIRST make these students more successful in college and more attractive to future employers.  Staying in contact with your scholarship winners can be part of your company’s workforce development plan.
  • A display booth at the FIRST Championship in St. Louis, April 24-27, 2013 offers an opportunity for your representatives to talk directly to thousands of talented students about scholarships, internships, and future employment opportunities.  Due to space considerations, only FIRST Scholarship Providers whose total yearly scholarship offering is $40K or more are invited to participate in this promotional opportunity.  Total yearly scholarship offering is the sum of all potential scholarship funds committed at the time the scholarships are awarded.  For example, if you offer two renewable scholarships, each for $5,000/year, the total offering is valued at $40,000 (2 x $5,000/year x 4 years).
  • Meet organizational goals for philanthropy/community outreach by recognizing and rewarding students who have learned the value of hard work, careful study, determination, and project completion.