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December 2011
Dec. 29
Oregon Middle School Starts LEGO Robotics Program
FIRST for kids—and the industry
Dec. 30
Dec. 27
In a (Lego) league of their own Kids from central Iowa gather to flaunt their engineering and problem-solving skills
Dec. 25
IN NEED: Program gives Native youth chance to create
Dec. 23
Woodlawn High School Robotics Team from $16,000 from Dow Promise Program Grant
Dec. 21
Robot team offers athletics for the mind
Dec. 21 Robotics Wire
Successfully blending science, mechanics, teamwork, fun
Dec. 21
Robotics challenges inspiring youngsters to learn engineering
Dec. 14
Building Robotics Reputation
Dec. 9
Rebranding Engineering
Engineering Workforce Development: Address the importance of removing the growing conception that engineering sciences can be treated as a commodity.
Dec. 8 Woodbury Bulletin
The year of the robot
Dec. 8 HazelwoodPatch
Hazelwood West High School Robotics Team Featured in HEC-TV series
Dec. 8
NASA Announces Robotics Student Competition 2012 Grant Awards
Dec. 7
Designing a robot is learning by doing
Dec. 7 New Haven Register
Mentors from Yale inspire teens on robotics team
Dec. 6 I, Robot & The Young Engineer
Manufacturing Business Technology
Dec. 5
Three, two, one — Lego! Kids find their passion in technology, robotics
Dec. 5
Robotics transforms geek to chic as high school students build sci-tech futures
Dec. 2
It’s not an educational problem, it’s a cultural issue
Dec. 1
All Girls Robotics Team Gears Up For Another Successful Season
Dec. 1
Students enter the world of robots
Dec. 1
Robotics transforms geek to chic as high school students build sci-tech futures
November 2011
Nov. 27
#NASATweetup: Rock Star Partners with NASA, Has a S.Y.S.T.E.M. to Make Science and Technology Cool
Nov. 20
First Lego League: Building Bricks to Solve Problems
Nov. 20
Battle of the Minds and 'Bots'
Nov. 20
Students build Lego robots in science competition
Nov. 19
Parents, Students, Graduates Alike Geek Out Over Robots
Nov. 18
Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds Premieres Second Episode of It Ain’t Rocket Science
Nov. 18
Naval Academy Uses Legos to Teach Science 
Nov. 17
Robots build bridges to next generation of engineers
Nov. 14
How Can We Encourage the Engineers of Tomorrow?
Nov. 13
Local girls take a byte out of robotics competition
Nov. 12
What did students build at LEGO robotics contest?
Nov. 12
Robotics team mixes fun with life lessons
Nov. 10
Food-safety solutions seen through LEGO lens
Nov. 9
School teams compete for first prize at weekend robotics competition
Nov. 5
Feeding their ingenuity
Nov. 3
Students solve problems using technology
Nov. 2
Segway Inventor: Fear of Failure Kills U.S. Innovation
Nov. PE Magazine
Kids + toys = excited young engineers
  October 2011
Future Engineers
Oct. 30
Robotics match not all about winning
Oct. 29
Robot Wars: Remote-controlled machines enchant crowd
Oct. 26
STEM, Afterschool Summit held to educate, seek community support
Oct. 26
Bluestone Still Abuzz Over Surprise Guest
Oct. 25
Mentors Needed to Invest in the Kids that Build Robots
Oct. Inventors Digest
Invented by Kids for Kids
Oct. 21
President Visits High School Robotics Team
Oct. 13
How to Fix the Education Crisis
Oct. 10
Accreditation for WPI, first U.S. robotics engineering undergraduate degree program
Oct. 6
Changing world with LEGO
Oct. 6
2011 Mass Technology Leadership Awards Finalists
Oct. 4
Schubert: FIRST event could change your child's life
Robots Rule!
Robotics: Technology Training for Young Minds
September 2011
Sept. 22
FHS robotics team prepares for competition
Sept. 20
FIRST's Kamen on U.S. Science, Technology Education
Sept. 20
Six Microsoft Alumni honored for innovative ways to tackle major world and local challenges
Sept 20
Kamen Says U.S. Has Cultural, Not Educational Problem
Sept. 16
The America Invents Act: Turning Ideas into Jobs 
Sept. 16
The new 'R' in education
Sept. 13 Still Rocking Intel, Just Backstage
Sept. 13
The good corporate citizen
Sept. 9
Moon Express Hires NASA-mentored FIRST Robotics Champions to Develop Lunar Robots
Sept. 9
Gifted teacher earns DOD kudos
Sept. 6
Young scientists have fun, tackle problems during robotics summer camp
Sept. 5
A genius idea Robotics team gaining attention winning awards
Sept. 1
Design World Welcomes electrical engineer Sami Nijim
Let’s get back to builiding things - Why robotics might be the most valuable activity in education today
August 2011
Aug. 29
Robot to throw out first pitch as Tribe returns home - Indianapolis Indianapolis Indians
Aug. 23
Is Science Just for Nerds? Ask of the Black Eyed Peas
Aug. 19
Whiz Kid: Eric Friestedt, Engineer
Aug. 19
The Big Way Will.I.Am Is Encouraging Science Education [Interview]
Aug. 19
Gates Corporation Awards Scholarships to Students in FIRST Robotics Competition
Aug. 19
Inventor/FIRST Founder Dean Kamen and of the Black Eyed Peas Team up for One-Hour ABC Back-to-School Special, August 14, Celebrating Education, Robotics Engineering, Science & Technology
Aug. 19
WATCH: Pushes Youth Education in the Sciences with TV Special
Aug. 16
President Obama Makes Surprise Appearance on " - Science is Rock and Roll"
Aug. 15
Rapper Wants Better Sci-Tech Funding
Aug. 15 Good.Is/Post
Can Make Science Geeks the Rock Stars of the Future?
Aug. 15
Interview: talks Bono, Justin Bieber for ABC special
Aug. 15
Girl Scouts, of The Black Eyed Peas and Justin Bieber Featured in ABC Special Celebrating STEM
Aug. 14
Aug. 14
Hip to science: Pittsburg man's creation helps rapper's mission
Aug. 13 & FIRST Robotics Team Up With ABC TV
Aug. 13
Montgomery Fest brings out competitive best in robotics fans
Aug. 13
Building robots
Aug. 13
Black Eyed Peas' Promotes Science, Technology
Aug. 12
Dean Kamen teams up with Black Eyed Peas singer for STEM education television special
Aug. 12
Forget Obama --'s Now Stumping for ... Science!
Aug. 12
Technology's Odd Couple Teams Up For Science
Aug. 12 Takes Over Radio Disney This Afternoon/Evening — for Science!
Aug. 11
Whiz Kid: Eric Friestedt, Engineer
Aug. 11
The Big Way Is Encouraging Science Education [Interview]
Aug. 11
For jobs, reviving the American pioneer
Aug. 11
Gates Corporation Awards Scholarships to Students in FIRST Robotics Competition
Aug. 10
Inventor/FIRST Founder Dean Kamen and of the Black Eyed Peas Team up for One-Hour ABC Back-to-School Special, August 14, Celebrating Education, Robotics Engineering, Science & Technology
Aug. 10 on the importance of funding science education
Aug. 5
Rock show a FIRST for science event
Aug. 4
Bieber, Bono, TV Special Mixes Rock, Robotics
Aug. 2
Army seeks robotic breakthroughs with education
  July 2011
July 30
At first statewide robotics competition, high school foes become friends
July 29
Girls of Steel
July 29
Weston student builds on his love of technology
July 20 FIRST Benefits from jcpenney’s “Pennies from Heaven” Campaign
July 5
STEM Education for All
  June 2011
June 29
All-girls team of young innovators pursue invention with Patent and Trademark Office
June 22
Tech Talk - Dean Kamen interview
June 21
Team's success breeds new opportunities
  June 2011
June 20
Above and Beyond Awards (6 minute video produced by ABC)
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  May 2011
May 26
Listen to an interview with Jon Dudas, President, FIRST
May 26 Afterschool Alliance (youtube channel)
Dean Kamen speaks at the "Breakfast of Champions"
May 22
Robots dominate Legoland for North American competition
May 18
Building a future in robotics
May 17
Around Town: For the Girls of Steel, building robots is just the beginning
May 17
PTC Holds the Inaugural FIRST Tech Challenge in China to Inspire Student Innovation
May 13
Want U.S. to keep tech edge? Teach kids science
May 13
'Don't Fail Me': CNN Tells Story of Three High-Achieving Students
May 12
Student's success defies all odds
May 10
Scouts' invention is pure GENIUS
May 3
2011 FIRST Championship Celebrates Teamwork, Science and Robotics
May 2
Dean Kamen’s robotics competition was largest yet
May 2
Robotics fans from around the world have field day at Edward Jones Dome
May 1
Robots Come FIRST At St. Louis Championship
May 1 (A Discovery Company)
How FIRST Works
  April 2011
April 30
FIRST Competition Draws Talent Scouts To The Floor
April 30
University City team goes for robotics crown
April 29
Time Warner Cable's Britt About Insight Communications
April 29
Xerox's Ursula Burns Interview About U.S. Education
April 29
DEKA's Kamen Interview About Technology Education
April 29
Will-I-Am Takes On Segway Inventor In Robot Battle
April 29
FIRST Robot Competition Showcases Geekiness, Ingenuity and the Dreams of 12,000 Kids
April 30
Robotics fans from around the world have field day at Edward Jones Dome
April 27-30
FIRST Championship Coverage
April 26
Student-made robots take over Chaifetz Arena. Next stop? The Edward Jones Dome!
April 21
Investing in the Kid and His Robot
April 20
Girl Scout Team’s Life-Changing Prosthetic Device Wins Award
April 12
FIRST Robotics the Sport of Science
April 27
Robo-teams are ramping up for world finals here this weekend
Aye, Robot 
April 12
How to Fire Up U.S. Innovation
April 8
Inventions By Kids
April 8
High School Builds Robot for Florida Police Department
April 6
Firebirds Want Robot Championship
April 5
Senator Pumps STEM Education Grant Program
April 1
Robotics Competition in Romania
  March 2011

Mar. 21
Time Warner Cable Executive Appointed to FIRST® Executive Advisory Board in Texas - Stacy Schmitt Will Assume Chair Position of All Volunteer Board for National Non-Profit in Texas
Mar. 20
A rock concert-like science fair
Mar. 16
The future is now; FIRST® students filing patents to improve quality of life
Mar. 15
The New Cool: Robotics story a thrilling ride
Mar. 13
Robot Builders Come to Life for FIRST Battle
Mar. 9 The Diane Rehm
Neal Bascomb: "The New Cool"  
Mar. 9 The Chronicle of Higher
Want to Reach Students? Let Them Build Stuff
Mar. 4 Austin Your News
CAMM: Learning by robotic competition
Mar. 2
Why the U.S. Must Promote Engineering
Boeing is filling jobs in its commercial airplanes unit
Mar. 1
Dos Pueblos Engineering Students Featured in New Book
Mar. 1
FIRST® and PTC® Expand Collaboration to Bring FIRST® Tech Challenge to India, China and Eastern Europe
  February 2011
Feb. 27
State robotics championship in Hillsboro fosters good sportsmanship 
Feb. 26
Google Science Fair:  Dean Kamen, Inventor, Entreprenueur
Feb. 25
LEGOs Challenge Young Hands and Minds. FIRST program reaching elementary school children.
Feb. 24
Students Learn Basics of Engineering and Teamwork with Robots
Feb. 24
A Star is Born: NASA Inspires Robotics Club as Discovery Readies for Launch
Feb. 22 Barron's
FedEx Delivers for FIRST Robotics
Feb. 22 St. Petersburg Times on
East Lake High students gear up for robotics competitions
Watch video on WTSP 10 NEWS
Feb. 19 Nashua Telegraph
FIRST teams prep at south for main event 
Feb. 19 The Washington Post
Are LEGO Robots for You? 
Feb. 18 USA Today
Obama promotes girls' science projects 
Feb. 18
Photo Essay: FLL Team "BindleBots" shows President Barack Obama the Body Forward Challenge during his visit to Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon 
Feb. 18 Portland Tribune
Obama says nation can 'learn from Intel's example' on education 
Feb. 18 The Washington Post "KidsPost"
Kids compete with LEGO robots 
Feb. 15
20th Season of FIRST Robotics Competition to Showcase Fast Robots and Collaboration 
Feb. 8
Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em!
Robotics teams are catching on with students, igniting their passion for technology, engineering, and fever-pitched competition.
  January 2011
Jan. 10
Inside Track
Jan. 10
Peas' is FIRST Fan
Jan. 9
Kamen pushes for grant program
Jan. 9
FIRST Robotics Competition Gets High-Energy Kickoff
Jan. 9
Star-Studded event opens contest
Jan. 8
FIRST Robotics Competition Kicks Off