Scholarship Providers - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical scholarship amount offered? 

Scholarship amounts vary from $1,000 to full tuition for four years (valued at over $160,000).  Most are renewable annually if the student maintains an acceptable academic average.  Typically, the higher the amount, the more interest there will be in your scholarship, yielding more applicants.  The average scholarship amount is approximately $5,000/year. 

Does our school have to offer an engineering scholarship?

No.  Many of our scholarships are for special majors such as engineering, math, science, computer science or technology, but others are for any course of study.  It is your decision what restrictions you will put on the use of your scholarship.  The broader your criteria, the more applicants you are likely to receive.

Should this scholarship be merit based or for students with financial need?

Again, this is your choice.  The majority of FIRST scholarships are merit based, but some also consider financial need. 

We have a corporate partner that is willing to fund a FIRST Scholarship for our school.  How does this work?

We have a few scholarships that are jointly offered (for example, the Pennsylvania State University/BAE Systems FIRST Scholarship).  In this case, all communications with FIRST are handled by your school.  The corporate name can be part of the scholarship name, but will be listed after the school name.  All arrangements concerning funding are between your school and the corporation.  FIRST does not get involved in this.