Options for Corporations and Associations Offering a FIRST Scholarship

Option 1:  You can offer a scholarship directly to FIRST students that can be used at the college of their choice.   With this option, your corporate/association name is the primary name in the scholarship listing. This type of scholarship will attract interest from students from all over the USA and Canada, since it is not tied to a particular school.  Some companies that choose this option outsource the administration of the scholarships to a scholarship management service.  However, company representatives may want to attend FIRST Regional and Championship events in order to have direct contact with FIRST students.   How does this work?

Option 2: You can partner with one or more colleges or universities and fund FIRST scholarships through them. You might choose this option if your goal is to create (or reinforce) a partnership with a particular school and/or to focus on students specifically at that school.  With this option the college would take care of administering the scholarship and the amount of your direct contact with students would depend upon your arrangement with the college.  Although your corporate name will be part of the scholarship name, it will be secondary to the school name.  With this option the school will be the major recipient of the promotional opportunities associated with the FIRST Scholarship.  How does this work?