Testimonials from FIRST Scholarship Winners Prior to 2009

Here are what some of our FIRST Scholarship Winners (prior to 2009) have to say about FIRST and FIRST Scholarships:

"I would not have been able to consider an out-of-state college without the $5,000 scholarship I received from Georgia Tech. It enabled me to pursue my first choice of college, and I am finding new things I love about Tech every minute I’m here. I am very thankful for the inspiration that the FIRST experience gave me, and for this scholarship that allows me to be at a top institution, headed for a challenging and intriguing career." 

-- Drew Blackburn (Team 1111)

"The FIRST Innovation scholarship has changed my life forever. I never thought the Program that got me interested in Science and Engineering would one day give me the chance of a life time to study at an amazing Engineering school worry free. I have been enjoying every minute here at WPI. Here I can not only continue with the FIRST program but now I am developing my life long skills as an engineer so that I can give back to the community solving everyday problems. I would encourage anybody, who is interested in Science and Technology, to join a FIRST team, and if there isn't one near, to start a new one."

 -- Benjamin Roy (Team 133, WPI Class of 10', Electrical and Computer Engineering)

"Participating in FIRST has been a fantastic experience and led to so many other great opportunities! Right now I am studying in Japan for a year. Thanks to the Raytheon Company FIRST Scholarship, I am able to focus on school instead of trying to balance a part-time job."

-- Dereck Wonnacott (Team 1596 - attending Lake Superior State University)

"FIRST had become a big part of my life and defined who I am today and what education I am pursuing and the career I look forward to.  Winning the FIRST Scholarship from Daniel Webster College has given me the opportunity for an affordable great education in Mechanical Engineering."

-- Michael Leicht, Team 303, Mechanical Engineering

"FIRST helped me make the connections I needed to find the right college. If it wasn’t for FIRST I would not have known the great options engineering holds, especially being a female."

-- Caitlin Jahnke (Team X)

"Since I've been here at WPI, I have learned so much from so many people. I can say with complete confidence that I would not be where I am today had it not been for FIRST and the Scholarship I received."

-- Ryan Marie Doherty (Team 126)

"I’m at the Olin College of Engineering, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and will graduate in 2007. I go to the coolest college in the world. If it hadn’t been for FIRST, I might not. If it hadn’t been for FIRST, I might not have discovered that engineering is the most exciting thing in the universe." 

-- Eric Gallimore (Team 30)

"I like the partnership between FIRST and so many of the colleges. It shows that FIRST is valued by those people and that it is important to them to continue the program. I’m currently at Kettering University, majoring in Electrical Engineering. Through Kettering, I have a co-op job with General Motors."

-- Gina Sweet (Team 67)

"It was my experiences in the FIRST competition that fostered my passion for engineering, and helped me to decide to continue my education.  The Science, Math and Engineering Competition Award (SMECA) Scholarship at ASU was one of very few scholarships I qualified for, making it an integral part of funding my education.  It's great to be awarded for something I once considered a hobby.  My involvement in FIRST became the beginning of my career path."

-- Joe Vinciguerra (Team 200, Aerospace Engineering major)

"I won a full tuition scholarship to WPI in 2002. Without winning this scholarship through FIRST there would have been no way I could have attended WPI. I can’t say enough about how FIRST has helped me." 

--Thomas Schindler (Team 177)

"I was awarded a Florida Institute of Technology scholarship in 2003.  This scholarship determined whether or not I could attend FIT and I am grateful for it." 

-- John Curtis Williams (Team 588)

"Attending WPI has provided many things for me. I have been able to deepen my understanding and appreciation for robotics, as well as broaden my knowledge of other fields. WPI has been the perfect extension for my FIRST involvement, and allows me to stay involved in FIRST programs while preparing for a successful career as an engineer."

-- Stephanie Hoag (Team 1983)

"The Clarkson FIRST scholarship is one of the main reasons I ended up here. I’m thrilled at the chance to be on the Clarkson FIRST team. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am without my experiences with FIRST in high school."

-- John Vielkind-Neun (Team 250)