Duck Vine

Duck Vine


One squeaky duck toy = a squeaky duck toy

Dozens of squeaky duck toys = the Visigoths descending on Rome


2016 FIRST Scholarship Program is Live!

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FIRST Alumni Programs

Welcome to the 2016 FIRST Scholarships Program! I'm Michelle, the Alumni Programs Manager at FIRST HQ.  I'll be your guide through our Scholarship and Alumni Programs; You can reach me if you have any questions or needs at or or leave a comment below.

Here are some of the important updates on all the parts of the FIRST Alumni Programs:

Windows 10 And Beta Testing

Today's blog comes from Kevin O'Connor, FRC Robotics Engineer.

Windows 10 and FRC 2016

Frank Answers Friday: Championship Slots

Today’s good question comes from Jon Stratis, a mentor on FRC Team 2177, The Robettes, from Mendota, Minnesota, USA:


Frank -

New Districts, Frank Answers Fridays, and More!

New Districts!

Many of you have probably already heard, but I’m pleased to formally (and finally) announce that we have three new Districts for the 2016 season!

The FIRST Chesapeake District - Maryland, Virginia, & Washington D.C.

North Carolina

The Peachtree District - Georgia

All teams within these states and Washington D.C. will automatically become part of their given District.

Behind the Scenes at IRI

Today's blog comes from Kevin O'Connor, FRC Robotics Engineer.

The Palmetto Regional

Today's blog comes from Andrea Winegar, FIRST Manager of Field Operations.

Hi there, FRC Teams…

I hope the start of your July has been super!

As Frank and the FRC staff here in NH begin to post the dates for the 2016 FRC season, I’m sure you are eager to learn about when and where each awesome event will occur.  Today’s post is intended to share with you an important, “One-Time Only” event date change:   

Yeah It Is!


Only 259 Days Until the Alamo Regional


And Central Valley is on that same weekend! How do I know? Well, event dates have just started to be posted here.

We post when we have confirmation (usually a signed contract) with the venues, or otherwise have firm information on dates.