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It’s Happening!

I walked through the Championship venue this afternoon to see how things were coming along. This is going to be one big show, for sure. There’s something about seeing it in person that makes it much more real than just seeing it on paper. I can’t wait for the teams to arrive! I hope FIRST has some insurance, because we’re going to be blowing the doors off this place.

Info for Teams Headed to St. Louis

Today we have the second of two blogs focusing on 2015 FIRST Championship logistics from Toby Clarke, FRC Program Manager.

Championship Move In Day

Today we have the first of two blogs focusing on the 2015 FIRST Championship from Toby Clarke, FRC Program Manager.

We can’t wait to see all the teams headed to St. Louis in just a few days. This blog is intended to help make your access to the facility as smooth and easy as possible.

Future FIRST Championship News!

We’ve got big news! Hear from FIRST President Don Bossi about how we plan to deliver the FIRST Championship experience to thousands more young people worldwide – starting in 2017.