FRC Team Advocate Introduction

Today's blog comes from Jamee Luce, the new FRC Team Advocate.

What happens after you take the Red Pill?

It’s pretty much just like The Matrix…well, FIRST doesn’t run on the energy from humans plugged into a big generator, but you get the idea. And I haven’t been to see the Oracle yet, but I know my chance is coming. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

Outstanding Public Service Award for Woodie Flowers Award Winner

Dr. Earl Scime, 2012 Woodie Flowers Award winner, was recently named the winner of West Virginia University’s Eberly College of Arts and Sciences 2015 Outstanding Public Service Award. See all the details here. His work with FIRST was cited, including the insane 27 hour long FRC Endurance Event that took place last August - West Virginia RObotics eXtreme - hosted by his FRC team, 2614, MARS.

Kit of Parts Survey

Today’s blog post is a reminder blog from FRC Kit of Parts Engineer, Jonathan Bryant.

Please don’t forget to fill out the Kit of Parts survey, which can be found here. The survey will be closing June 14, 2015. We really do use this survey to help enhance the value of the Kit of Parts! We hope that you can take the time to provide us with this valuable information.


Slingshot Documentary: Start-of-School Discount

Today we have a guest blog from Paul Lazarus, FIRST Executive Advisory Board member and Director/Producer of the film SlingShot.

Congratulations to all FIRST teams for completing another successful competition season.

Two Championship Survey Results and Path Forward

As many of you know, after we announced that FIRST would be moving to having two Championships starting in 2017, we released a survey to FIRST Robotics Competition teams on this change.

7,355 individuals responded. This represents about 10% or so of the total number of mentors and students we have in FRC. About 75% of the 7,355 provided a team number, and those respondents were from 1,501 teams, about 52% of the total number of FRC teams we had in 2015.

New! FIRST Scholarship Provider - University of Vermont

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The University of Vermont's College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) is proud to make available two $4,725 merit based scholarships for newly enrolled or currently enrolled students in CEMS. This year's deadline has been extended to September 30. CEMS is delighted to be a part of FIRST, and has sponsored the Vermont Regional FTC Competition for the last three years.

2015 Kit of Parts Survey Posted

Today’s blog post is from FRC Kit of Parts Engineer, Jonathan Bryant.

We’re interested in your feedback on the 2015 FRC Kit of Parts! We know that you are getting barraged with surveys right now, we apologize for the overload, but we really want to know what you think! You’re feedback is instrumental in shaping future Kit of Parts. We use this survey to look for new parts, improve current items, and increase the value that the Kit of Parts provides to teams! This feedback is also sent to Suppliers to help them make good decisions about their donations.

The FRC Season - Past and Future

Taking Some Time for Yourselves

I hope everyone who attended Championship was inspired, had fun, and made some lifelong memories. We know that some things went really well, and some things did not go really well. The survey we recently sent out to all attending teams will let us hear directly from you on what aspects of the event fell into which categories from your perspectives.


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Have you checked out the Internship Portal lately? There are a number of new opportunities listed, including the 2015 SpaceX Internship Opportunity being made available exclusively to FIRST Participants.

Seniors in high school are invited to apply for an internship at SpaceX – preliminary acceptances will be selected this summer, and internships will be performed after your sophomore year of college. Applications for the SpaceX FIRST Internship are due by May 18th – so don’t miss out!