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This is Hannah, FRC Program Coordinator, taking over the FRC Blog with some important news!

Friends Don't Let Friends Miss Event Registration

We still have many FRC teams that have that have not completed the Youth Protection Program (YPP) screening required for them to register for events.  As we’ve noted before in this blog, and blasted several times in emails, both your Main (Lead Mentor 1) and Alternate (Lead Mentor 2) Contacts must pass YPP screening before you will be able to register for your first event starting at Noon Eastern Time on Thursday, September 25th.  Only two weeks away!

Safety Superheroes & Comic Con

Taking over the blog today is Hannah Foust, FRC Program Coordinator.  Hannah is responsible for working with UL in setting up the Safety Animation Award, and handles a number of other important tasks too numerous to list.  Please see Hannah's note below.


2015 Safety Animation Award Theme

Here’s that moment you’ve all been waiting for!  [Drumroll]

Who's at Salt Lake Comic Con this Weekend?

Turns out we are. Organizers are predicting about 150,000 attendees. Several FRC teams from the area will be putting on a demonstration event.

Check it out:

Getting ready for the weekend

2015 FIRST Scholarships Program Launches

Welcome to the 2015 FIRST Scholarships Program. I'm Michelle, the Alumni Programs Manager at FIRST HQ.  I'll be your guide through our Scholarship and Alumni Programs. You can reach me if you have any questions or needs at or or leave a comment below.

Frank Answers Fridays: August 29, 2014

I want to thank the FIRST Marketing folks for helping me remove the spray paint and bumper stickers from the Frank Answers Fridays logo used last time. I’ll just say this – the vandals will be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of my imagination.

The first question I answer below was pretty easy, so I decided to do two this week.

Today’s first good question come from Kevin Pardus, a mentor from FRC Team 2890, The Hawk Collective, from Chesapeake, VA, USA:


FRC Community Tools Developers Conference for FMS API

Please see the note below from the FRC Engineering Team:

There are so many community developed tools that FRC teams and fans use throughout the season to keep tabs on their favorite teams and events, way too many to list. Until now, developers of those tools have been forced to scrape webpages or Twitter feeds for the data. This is not the best way for us to make the needed data available to those developers, and we want to change it.

2015 FIRST Championship (and beyond) Eligibility

As I said in an earlier blog, we have had a task force working on Championship eligibility for FRC.  The members of this task force are as follows, in no particular order: