2016 Radio Update

Today’s blog comes from Kate Pilotte, Kit of Parts Manager for FRC.

I’m excited to announce that we’ve selected a new robot radio for the 2016 season. We will be switching to Open Mesh’s OM5P-AN dual band access point. 

2016 Radio with Pear

Behind The Lines is Back!

FRC is pleased to announce we have once again partnered with our friends at GameSense to present Behind The Lines, a series of informative webcasts for the FRC Community.

The first episode will be broadcast at 9PM EST on Wednesday, October 7th. The topic is Fundraising and Marketing Your Team and the expert guests will be Joyce Walters and Elise Cronin-Hurley from Team 1902: Exploding Bacon. They will be covering such items as:

When is a Game Hint not a Game Hint?

There are probably a few good answers to this question, including:

1. When it’s not preceded by words equivalent to “This is a game hint”

2. When it’s a video teaser for the season

Answer number one I think many of you are familiar with, as we’ve said something along those lines several times in this blog.

Answer number two is probably new to you.

KOP Drive System Opt Out

Please see the update below on the Kit of Parts Drive System Option from the Kit of Parts team:

The 2016 Kickoff Kit will again include a drive base kit, kind of. As we’ve done in recent history, Veteran teams can choose to receive a Product Donation Voucher (PDV) from AndyMark instead of the KOP Drive System at Kickoff. Rookie teams will automatically receive the KOP Drive System.

Today's the Day! And New Waitlist Color Coding!

Hello Teams! Today’s the day for initial event registration. I hope everyone’s as excited as I am!

I also wanted to tell you about a new waitlist feature we’re trying out. In prior years, if an event had no open capacity, while teams would be given the opportunity to sign up for the waitlist, they were not given any indication as to how full the waitlist already was. This could lead to teams signing up for events for which there was little chance they would eventually be able to attend.

Robotalk by PTC

Today's blog comes from Kari Karwedsky, Senior Program Manager of Global K12 Academic Programs, PTC.

Hello FIRST Teams!

Your Chance to Help FIRST with the 2017 Championship

Hello Teams! We need your help!

As you know, we are moving to two FIRST Championships in 2017. FIRST HQ is forming a committee, to be made up of volunteers and FIRST staff, which will be tasked with making recommendations to Senior FIRST Management regarding these elements for the 2017 Championship:

FIRST Future Innovator Award

Today's blog comes from Jamee Luce, FRC Team Advocate.

Do you see yourself as an innovator? The truth is, every robot that gets created in an FRC build season is a unique innovation, so if you have built an FRC robot, then YOU ARE AN INNOVATOR!

The way we think about the solutions to each year’s game is exactly the same way that professional engineers, designers, and scientists think about the products and inventions that they develop. By thinking about a solution to an FRC game, you are thinking just like Newton, Tesla, Carson, and even Dean himself!