FRC Blogged - Beta Testing Process

Hello Teams,

It’s beta test time again! As FRC prepares for the 2013 season we are seeking a limited number of teams to assist us with beta testing new software.  A limited number of teams will also be asked to test hardware elements of the control system. Interested teams should complete the Beta Test Application available here by Friday, September 7, 2012 at noon ET. 

Beta testing will run from September 2012 through the end of December 2012.

Beta Test Goals

FRC Blogged - Where Do You Want To Be?

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Dave Lavery inside the NASA control room

Take a look at the photo.  This is a shot inside the NASA control room during the recent landing of the rover Curiosity on mars.  In the center of the photo, holding his glasses, is FRC supporter and volunteer extraordinaire Dave Lavery, NASA Program Executive, Solar System Exploration. (Photo: NASA/Bill Ingalls).

Dean's 'Lair' and FIRST Place

Hello Teams,

Hear Dean talk about FIRST on Bloomberg Rewind.  Listen to a commentator compare Dean's home to a ‘lair’.  I’m pretty sure it was intended as a compliment!  Dean’s portion starts 29 minutes in to the program:

Einstein Report Follow up and others

Hello Teams,

Thanks so much for your emails to regarding the Einstein report.  As Jon said in his note when the report was released, we may not be able to respond to every email directly, but we will be reviewing and considering each.  If you haven’t had your say yet, I encourage you to email it in.

Einstein Report Released

Hello Teams,

The Einstein Report, along with important information from Jon Dudas, President of FIRST, has been released. 


FRC Blogged - Where's the Einstein Report?

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Hello Teams,

I’m sure you’re wondering what the status is of the Einstein report. I can tell you that our internal staff, with a great deal of support from our outside experts and the Einstein teams themselves, have been working very hard on this. The current draft report is over 20 pages long, and includes lots of detail. Getting all these details right is taking some time, but we hope to have a final version ready for release shortly.

FRC Blogged - A few quick updates

Hello Teams,

We’d like to welcome Engineering Intern Brendan McLeod to the FRC HQ family.  Brendan just completed his first year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he is majoring in Robotics and Mechanical Engineering.  He was a member and ultimately captain of FIRST Robotics Team 1058 in Londonderry, and has been a mentor for both FLL and FRC teams.  He’ll be spending the summer building robots, doing research, and even helping with game ideas.  And he gets paid to do it!  That’s what I call a sweet gig.

FRC Blogged - Important Announcement

Good Afternoon Teams,

This is Frank Merrick writing, with some news.  Bill Miller has concluded his service at FIRST, after seven seasons as Director of FRC. Bill’s efforts with FIRST made a world of difference, leading us to double the number of teams in FRC during his tenure and positively impacting the lives of tens of thousands of students and mentors. FRC would not be where it is without his hard work and vision, and he will be greatly missed.  We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.