FRC Blogged - Deadline Extended for KoP Drive System Option!

A good number of veteran teams contacted us after the Noon EST deadline to ask to be included in the Kit of Parts Drive System/Product Donation Voucher option.  So many, that we’ve decided to extend this offer to midnight tonight, October 18th.  If you are a veteran team and would like to receive the Product Donation Voucher from AndyMark instead of the standard Kit of Parts Drive System in your kit, email your request to – you will not be able to use TIMS in this case.  Get those emails in before the c

FRC Blogged - Kit Of Parts Drive System Option Closes Today!

Veteran teams’ ability to choose a Product Donation Voucher (PDV) over the standard Kit of Parts Drive System closes today at Noon EST!  If you are a veteran team, and want that PDV, make your choice in TIMS now!  More details here:

More soon


FRC Blogged - Second District Event Registration

Second District Event Registration

Something I forgot to mention in my earlier blog.  Second District Event Registration opens today, 10/11.  Note this is for District (Michigan and MAR) teams only.  Non-District teams will be able to register for a second Regional on 10/25, as indicated on the FRC Calendar of Events here:

FRC Blogged - Mentor Recognition, Recruiting Posters, Safety Animation, and a Photo Inside the GDC ‘Game Lab’

Mentor Recognition

Show your team mentors you care!  And get them plugged in to the FRC email blast at the same time, if they want that.  Main and Alternate team contacts in TIMS can invite other mentors to sign up right within TIMS.  Mentors registered in TIMS by Friday, 12/14/12 will receive a recognition certificate and pin during National Mentor Month in January.  They also get the option to receive the FRC Email Blast directly.   

Recruiting posters

FRC Blogged - Motor Controllers

Motor Controllers

You may have noticed that traditional retailers of the Jaguar motor controller have either stopped selling Jaguar or have limited inventory. This blog post is to explain why and what you can expect going forward.

FRC Blogged - Team Counts, Kit of Parts Drive Train Reminder, Kickoff Registration, and I’m a Real Person

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brain in a vat

Team Counts

As of midnight last night, we had 1,289 FRC teams registered or waitlisted for events, up from 959 at midnight the first day of initial event registration last season.  That’s a 34% increase.  Is this the start of a trend?  We’ll see.  Also, our first rookie team number this year is 4450.  If you’re at an event, and see a team number equal to or greater than that number, it’s rookie team.  Go up and say hi!


Kit of Parts Drive System Reminder

FRC Blogged - Registration Opening, Bag and Tag, and Positions in FRC

Registration Opening

Initial Event Registration opens tomorrow, that’s Thursday, September 27th, At Noon EST.  Still time to lube up those internet connections to get ready!


Bag and Tag

For the 2013 season, all FRC events (including District Events) in the USA and Canada are once again “Bag and Tag”, except Championship.

FRC Blogged - Wild Card Slots II and Ask and Expert Call Postponed

Wild Card Slots II

My post Friday generated a relatively large number of comments.  Rather than answer them individually, let me provide a little more insight here.

The purpose of the new system is to provide broader distribution of merit-based slots in situations where single teams win more than one Championship qualifying award over the course of several Regionals. 

FRC Blogged - 2013 Beta Test Teams

The 2013 Beta Test teams have been selected.  Congratulations to the teams below!  These teams will be helping the FRC Control System team review the software libraries and build new code to share with all teams.  Thank you to the 159 FRC teams and 1 FTC team who offered to help with this project.  All FRC teams will be able to communicate with the Beta Test teams on the forums.