Alumni Spotlight: Anna Fitch

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For our new 'Alumni Spotlights' series, we caught up with Anna Fitch, a FIRST Robotics Competition alumna from Team 4911 the CyberKnights from Seattle, WA.

About the CyberKnights: Team 4911 had been a World Festival attending FIRST Tech Challenge Team for a few years, and in 2014 decided to take on FRC. In 2014 they qualified for the FIRST Championship and made it to elimination rounds as a Rookie Team!

FAQ 8. Exportable list of Scholarships

Did you know that you can export the full list of scholarships into an excel document and save on your computer for non-web-based interaction? We get lots of requests for downloadable lists of Scholarships that can be manipulated to sort/filter by states.

We’ve updated a report at to do just that.

FIRST Alumni Network Group on LinkedIn

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FIRST Alumni Network group on LinkedIn

Are you a high school Senior on a FIRST Team? Are you a former Participant on a FIRST Team?

If so, join the FIRST Alumni Network group on LinkedIn!

One of the great benefits of being on a FIRST Team is the strong network that you create. People from all over the world have shared in the same build season, competitions, events, projects and awards as you have!

New Scholarships Added (in December and January)

I hope everyone’s competition and build seasons are going well, and that the snow (if you’re in a place that has that kind of thing) hasn’t been stopping you too much!

It’s almost February - and we wanted to let you know about the new Scholarships that have been added to the 2015 FIRST Scholarship Program in the last couple of months month, see below for information and visit for details on all FIRST Scholarship Opportunities:

Chute Door

Let’s just acknowledge that some of the Game Design Committee’s Q&A answers transcend simple customer service and pass into the realm of high art. Such as with the instant classic that is the response to Q163 submitted by our friends from Team 999, MechaRams, from Cheshire, CT, USA:

"Behind the Design” Authors Documenting 2015 Robots

Would your team like a chance to be a part of the next book about FRC robots? Have you read or seen the Behind the Design books that cover the 2006 Aim High and 2007 Rack 'N' Roll FRC seasons? Maybe your team has used the previous FIRST books as references. FIRST will be documenting the 2015 competition season with a book titled “FIRST Behind the Design: Modern Design, Manufacturing and Control of Robots.”

The book will address design with six chapters: