It’s Kickoff Daaaaaaaay!

I watched this at least three times, on a day when I have many other higher priority items to attend to.

Robowranglers, you’re right, some things are worth getting excited about!


Encrypted 2015 Game Manual

Encrypted 2015 FRC Game Manual

The encrypted 2015 FRC Game Manual is now ready for download here! The password will be revealed during the Kickoff webcast Saturday, January 3rd. No one is more happy that the manual is done than the FRC Staff, let me tell you. Of course, this means it’s time to get started on 2016. Uff da.

Some Tidbits Before Kickoff

Here are a few things we want to make you aware of before Kickoff.

Share Your FIRST Stories:  You’ve Got Them, We Want Them!

Do you have a story about how FIRST has made a positive impact in your life? We’re calling all student participants, Mentors, Coaches, parents, and Volunteers to share their experiences.

Guest Blog from National Instruments

Today’s blog post is from a special guest who worked on the design and development of the roboRIO controller, NI Chief Architect and Software engineer, Greg McKaskle.

Hi teams:

FAQ 7. Transferring schools with a FIRST Scholarship

So, now you’re in college, you thought you picked the perfect school, but then something changed. Maybe the school isn't a good fit; maybe you found a new passion and want to change your major; maybe you started college at a 2-year institution and you want to continue on; maybe there are financial reasons for your need to transfer; maybe I  should stop guessing! No matter why, if you do choose to transfer colleges, the process can be daunting and exciting, and we want that to be as smooth of a transition as possible for you.

As far as your FIRST Scholarship goes:

Mentor Monday - December 22, 2014

Today’s Mentor Monday blog post comes to us from Claire Stuckey, an alumna and former mentor of FRC Team 1024 and current mentor of FRC Team 4234.

We’d like you to write a blog post about your journey to the current point in your career. What were the most important steps that you took? Were there influential people or events along the way?

About the Game Hint

This is a blog about a game hint. It’s not a game hint itself.

Our friends at FRC Top 25 contacted us a few weeks ago and said how cool it would be if they could build a show around a game hint. We thought it would be cool too. After some back and forth about how we could get it to work, here’s the deal: