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Friday, November 15, 2013 - 10:29

The Frank Answers Fridays feature of this blog is going to take a little hiatus until after Kickoff.  Relatively few questions have been received in the last few weeks, and I’m finding myself with less time to answer the questions I already have as we prepare for the 2014 season.   We’ll start up again in January.



can you shoot in the goalie zone close to your goal box.

Please see details here ( about the official Aerial Assist Q&A.

Good luck!

We had a rather frustrating experience at our last regional in Hawaii where we experienced some damage to our robot, and wanted to call a timeout to repair it. We were repeatedly told by the officials that we were not allowed to call a timeout during a field timeout. After reviewing the manual, this is not correct. All it means is the field timeout stops, and our timeout would begin. I don't understand why the rules surrounding timeouts are so restrictive. Could you not simply allow teams to call their timeout at any point before the match?

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