NI Week 2013

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Friday, August 9, 2013 - 11:34

NI Week

I want to thank our friends and partners National Instruments for being such wonderful hosts to Don Bossi, Kate Pilotte, Kim Weirman and me at NI Week. They are unbelievably wonderful partners and truly ‘get’ FIRST in every corner of the organization. Thank you!


I hope everyone is as excited about the new controller for 2015 as I am! In case you missed it, details of the NI roboRIO can be found here: and you can see a video of the Q&A that took place after it was revealed here: (NOTE: The panel begins about 2 minutes into the video; disregard the ‘lost signal’ notice).

I’ll blog again soon.


P.S. There will be no Frank Answers Fridays feature this week, but don’t forget to send in your questions to Please include your name, team number and where you’re from. We’ll pick it up again next week!


Screw terminals are much more robust. These pin and socket connectors are awful.

I cannot say enough about how poor the terminals have been. I agree with the other comments about how bad the terminals are. NI needs to do something about this. It causes so much downtime and root cause analysis instead of the students focusing on other areas.

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