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Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 12:51

FIRST Choice will be back for the 2014 FRC Season!

There are a few relevant FIRST Choice dates about which you should know.

    • 11/25/13: FIRST Choice will open for window shopping. Teams will see the parts available and how many credits each part will cost.
    • 12/9/13 (noon, Eastern): FIRST Choice log-in information will be available in TIMS for registered and paid teams. Teams use this information to make sure they can log-in to the AndyMark FIRST Choice system. We are posting log-in information before ordering starts to allow test logins and help identify any issues prior to the rush to order parts.
    • 12/14/13 (noon, Eastern): FIRST Choice will open for ordering for registered and paid teams. Please note that this is a Saturday. We received a lot of feedback that opening FIRST Choice on a weekday caused excessive stress on Mentors ordering parts while at work. We hope that, by moving the opening date to a Saturday, we will alleviate some of this stress. 

We’ll be giving thorough scrutiny to the credit value for each part. We will also be using item limits more regularly. Our goal is to give more Teams access to the most desirable items available.           

We’re so grateful to our partners at AndyMark, a Crown Supplier, for their continued work to improve the execution of FIRST Choice each year.  AndyMark redesigned the ordering process over the summer and made the notable changes below. 

    • FIRST Choice will now be hosted on its own site to eliminate confusion on logging in with your team's FIRST Choice account vs. logging in with your AndyMark account.
    • Shipping costs will now be paid only via Credit Card.
    • Items in your Cart will be reserved for a short period of time while you shop and checkout. This means those specific items can’t be claimed by someone else while you work on your order. However it also means that you won’t be able to park items in your cart for an extended length of time.

While they’ve done extensive internal testing on the changes to the site, AndyMark would like you to sign up to help them Beta test the changes to the site externally.  Beta testers will be asked to run the new site through its paces to help eliminate issues on opening day. To help test these new features and the new ordering site, please fill out the form located at and you will be sent more information. The beta test should take between 15 and 30 minutes. Thank you to those of you who take this effort on! 


On November 25th, will we be able to see the quantities on hand, and quantity limits? This will be really helpful to plan our shopping.

I'm a bit confused on the wording of "registered and paid." Does this mean only teams that have paid the fee get to use FIRST Choice, or is it any FIRST Team that has registered on TIMS regardless of whether or not they have paid the entry fee?

Correct, this refers to teams having paid as is noted in the FRC Calendar:

You have to pay to use First Choice.

Last year I mentored a rookie team, the problem we had was that items normally included in a rookie kit of parts were not, notably the air compressor and the camera. As far as I could tell there was no way to know these items needed to be acquired through FIRST Choice before the kick off. Once we knew we needed to get these they were out of stock via FIRST Choice, so we had to spend our precious cash to purchase them. Ouch!

Will there be TWO rounds credit issue like last year?
This first issue is for all the general items and then after the game is released will there be more items and credits issued?

As far as I know, No, there won't be more issued after kickoff.


We are a rookie team - how do you get credits to spend?


Jason Johnston

Hi Jason - 

Each registered and paid FRC Team will be given the same number of credits when FIRST Choice opens on December 14. 

Thanks and Good Luck!

the same as it was last year?

thanks :)

What is the website that it has been moved to?

I don't understand the 3D printer listing in FIRST Choice. Two printer models and the MakerBot kit are listed for 600 points and there's a 4th item listed as the '3D Printer Lottery' for 150 points. The item description for the three printers does not say anything about the lottery only the actual item description. The '3D Printer Lottery' item description has the lottery description that says it will cost all 600 points but the actual item cost listed is 150 points. Can you explain the difference between the three printers and the lottery item?


All of the 3D Printers cost 600 credits. However, teams will only have 150 credits available to spend when the lottery opens on December 14. Because of this, the lottery has to be set at 150 credits. The site will not let you add items that cost more than the number of credits you have available. Teams that receive a 3D Printer will not receive the additional 450 credits at Kickoff.

I hope this helps!

How many credits will veteran and rookie teams get to spend?
TNX ... jon

Jon - 

All teams will receive 150 credits on December 14 and an additional 450 credits at Kickoff.

i wanted to know if we are choosing to participate in the lottery and we won, is that possible to give up on the prize and not to give our 600 points in case that we would win our second or third option and not our first option. (in case we haven't won the printer we've wanted)

Dan - 

This is not an option. If you have any further questions, please post them to the FIRST Choice Forum.

Thank you!

It is 4:34 PM EST on Dec. 9. The FIRST Choice link in the team summary results in "Oops, this was not expected,Our robot must have a loose wire!We're sorry, but the page you tried to reach does not exist."

Did we jump the gun or is the link not yet ready? Thank You

I think that there should be more items available because my team had to buy our own axis camera because they were all gone before we were able to obtain internet access.

can i use our credits next FRC season

No, credits issued for the 2014 season expire when FIRST Choice closes on 4/25/14.  

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