Mandatory Team Update & Axis M1013 Camera

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 17:15

Mandatory Team Update

Yesterday, we posted a Team Update that included a link to a mandatory Driver Station software update. This software update addresses issues with DS-FMS diagnostics and includes the new Log File Viewer. I wanted to call it out specifically because you won’t be able to compete without this new version. It’s a quick and easy update but if you have questions, please use the Technical Q&A system. Good luck!

Axis M1013

It has come to our attention that the Axis M1011 camera has been discontinued and superseded by the Axis M1013 camera. We have tested the Axis M1013 for compatibility with the WPILib code and documented the findings in the Vision Processing section of the Control System documentation.

I'll blog again soon.



Hello all,
i'm from team 3646 and now recognised that we don't have axis m1013. i wonder if there might be a problem with using axis m1011. additionaly, i can get image from camera via browsing but when i configured IP to, plugged into robot radio, deployed basic frc crio project and run driver station & pc dashboard, we can't get image even all boolean image enabled values are turned true. //Contact Adress :

Zafer, that's a great question for the Technical Q&A, which you can access here: Feel free to contact us directly at if you encounter any difficulties with the system.

We have tried to download the BOM template on three different computers and cannot get the exel file to work. If there a simple way to do it that we are missing?

We are not able to open the BOM while using Internet Explorer. We were able to open it up with Firefox. So, it must be a browser issue.

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