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Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 12:38


The first full day of Championship is going great! Matches have started smoothly, teams are flowing through inspection, and you can feel the energy in the air. Since all 400 teams are here, we did not need to change the schedule from the preliminary versions released Monday.

Championship 2013 Pits

I recognize the disappointment teams have expressed with only getting eight qualification matches at Championship. I was disappointed, also. I would have liked to get in nine. However, we have full data on cycle times at every event during the regular season, and attempting to fit in nine matches in the time we have was unlikely to work. I also believe attempting to expand the scheduled time available in some way would have put us at risk of running in to issues that would have lowered the quality of the experience for many. This decision was not easy for me to make, but I still believe it was the correct one.

I'll blog again soon.



Hey there Frank, we back her in Seaford, NY are just so excited for and proud of our team. I have been locked on my live stream since yesterday and am dying to carch one of their matches. Is there any way to get a post of today's championship schedule? We have our local "Patch" on line newspaper getting alot of hits so there is alot of interested in what our team is doing...the little ones in the MS and elem schools came home talking about the team in St. is AWESOME!!!!

CAnnot find a site for a report on the standings of teams. THAnk you.

From us in the hinterlands, the championships appeared to go very well. Congratulations on a smooth effort with all matches. The effort on the quick correction on one semifinal showed the care that all concerned had in getting things right. We're all looking forward to next year.

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