FLL Team Helps FRC Team in Distress

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Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 17:08

Team 4797 Owlbots

Take a look at the incredible letter and photos I just received from FRC Team 4797, the Bryant High School Owlbots, from Long Island City, New York.

The team’s bus had turned over on the way home from Championship.  No one was seriously injured, fortunately, and everyone eventually made it home safely.  This part of the story I knew.  What I didn’t know was that FLL Team 14830, Gears in Motion, from Ballston Spa, NY, was in a bus behind them and pulled over immediately to provide assistance.

Special shout-out to Gears in Motion for all their kindness!  You’ll be getting a letter from me shortly. 

What a great story!


I’ll blog again soon.



Just wanted to add that our team, RoboSpartans FTC 4082 were on the bus with Gears in Motion. Everyone on our bus - team parents, mentors and coaches sprang into action to get their team and gear out of the rain and onto our bus. Our team coach (Bob Payne) went into the bus to pull them out and then went back in to retrieve cell phones so they could call home. Glad to hear they are OK.

Thanks so much! Sounds like it was a real cross-program effort. If we just had a Jr.FLL team helping we would have hit the trifecta. I'll be sending a thank-you note to RoboSpartans as well. This is a big part of what FIRST is all about.

Mr. Merrick,

Thank you so much for the personal letter thanking our team for their efforts. The parents were an amazing assistance to the Owlbots and the team members were calm, respectful and quickly collected their new red FLL blankets to warm and dry the Owlbots. We often say that everything happens for a reason and we feel fortunate to have been there for another FIRST team in a situation that was extremely scary for all involved. I am meeting with our team this evening and will share this letter. We appreciate your acknowledgement. We love that FIRST encourages teams helping teams! :)

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