U.S. Air Force Leadership Opportunity for Teachers & Mentors, and the SpaceX Internship Winners

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 15:05

U.S. Air Force Offering Leadership Opportunity for FIRST Teachers & Mentors

For the second year in a row, the U.S. Air Force is offering an Air Force Leadership opportunity for a select group of 24 FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition Teachers and Mentors who are helping inspire today’s youth to become the technical leaders of tomorrow. Apply by June 18th to attend this exclusive leadership seminar. For full details: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/leadership-training-program.

SpaceX Internship Winners

During the 2013 season, SpaceX offered an internship for High School Seniors in FRC and FTC.  Congratulations to the following recipients of the first SpaceX FIRST Internship!

  • Corin Rypkema (FRC Team 706)
  • David Brighton (FRC Team 3698)
  • David Doan (FRC Team 687)
  • David Erlich (FRC Team 2638)
  • Hunter McSwain (FRC Team 1983)
  • James Carr (FRC Team 3309)
  • James Zandstra (FRC Team 4256)
  • Julian Powell (FRC Team 2928)
  • Leonardo Chan (FRC Team 604)
  • Nicholas McCoy (FRC Team 1477)
  • Oliver Graff (FRC Team 3780)
  • Spencer Berglund (FRC Team 2530)
  • Stephen Slattery (FRC Team 1732)
  • Thomas Teisberg (FRC Team 619, FTC Team 5903)
  • Titus Woo (FRC Team 3528)

SpaceX will be looking for more talented FTC and FRC High School Seniors again in 2014!  Be sure to visit the Internship Opportunity page on the FRC website for updates to the 2014 application process!


Spencer Berglund is from FRC Team 2530, not team 250.

John, thanks for the catch! Spencer's Team number has been updated.

It would be helpful to solicit and/or point to some reports/testimonials from those who went through the Air Force Leadership program last year, to motivate others to apply. (I'm assuming the testamonials would be motivating!)

I am an alum of the first Air Force Leadership experience held last summer and I would highly recommend it to all FIRST mentors/teachers. It was a wonderful experience. The Air Force officers had great information to share, the networking with other FIRST mentors was invaluable and the chance to stand within a few feet of Atlas and Delta rockets that were being prepared for launches was amazing! I only wish I could do it again.

I am really curious how many students applied for the SpaceX internship? Congrats to the 15 who were selected! This is a tremendous accomplishment, and I applaud SpaceX for taking a chance on these students so early - it's practically unheard of. I'm sure they won't be disappointed :)

Why do you advertise this event as being for teachers and mentors, then restrict it to K-12 teachers on the application form? Nearly all of our team's leadership consists of nonteacher mentors working in industry who would also benefit from the training.

My name is David Erlich, not David Elrich...

Sorry, David! We've made the correction -- thanks for letting us know!

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