Game Announcer

Position Summary - Key Volunteer Position

Work as part of a team with the Master of Ceremonies to energize the teams and spectators, generate and maintain interest, enthusiasm, and excitement throughout the matches.  Announce play-by-play commentary for each match.  Play a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play, and maintaining the pace of the event.  Key volunteer position, significantly impacts the success of the event.

Position Overview

  • High profile position, audible presence at competition
  • Significant level of responsibility
  • Community exposure
  • Opportunity to utilize and further develop public speaking skills


  • Attend Volunteer Meeting
  • Participate in training opportunities offered by FIRST
  • Seek and announce unique information specific to individual teams
  • Friday and Saturday - Consult with Master of Ceremonies
  • Thursday- observe practice matches and become familiar with the game and teams No Announcing.

Experience and Skills Needed

  • FIRST experience strongly preferred
  • Public speaking experience highly preferred; TV/radio/acting experience ideal
  • Comfortable using a microphone and addressing a large crowd; vocally energetic
  • Observant, creative, focused  quick thinking, have stamina
  • Ability to develop commentary as matches occur
  • Ability to collaborate with others
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Thorough knowledge of the game

Time Commitment

Commitment:               Participation in pre-event training offered by FIRST

Approximate times:     Wednesday:  6 P.M. - 8 P.M. (dependent upon Regional*)

                                    Thursday:  1 P.M.  - 5 P.M.

                                    Friday: 8 A.M. - 6 P.M.

                                    Saturday: 8 A.M. - Completion

NOTE: Volunteers should arrive on site 15-20 minutes prior to start of every shift in order to allow time to check in at the Volunteer Registration desk. 


Provided by FIRST headquarters prior to start of competition season. May include: live and/or recorded web conferences, teleconference(s), manual and other support materials, email communications and one-on-one support. First-year volunteer may serve in an apprentice role, working with a veteran Game Announcer.

FIRST Headquarters, Blair Hundertmark and Dennis Howland, will provide pre-event training for this position. 

Reporting Relationships and Supervision

Direct supervision:  Event Manager and Volunteer Coordinator 

*Please Note: Some events will not be conducting a Wednesday evening Volunteer Orientation and Training.