Kickoff Coordinator

Position Summary

The Kickoff Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of planning and executing a Local Kickoff.


  • Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Participate in local Kickoff training
  • Find and reserve a location for the Local Kickoff
  • Obtain any equipment necessary to screen the broadcast
  • Decide if a field will be constructed and recruit Field Builder volunteers to build the field if needed
  • Decide if workshops will be offered and organize workshops if they are to be held
  • Decide if a robot quick build session will be offered and recruit Robot Quick Build volunteers if needed
  • Arrange for someone at a facility with a loading dock to be available to receive, secure & inventory multiple shipments during the weeks prior to kickoff
  • Recruit volunteers to assist in preparations for and execution of the Local Kickoff
  • Ensure Field Builder and Robot Quick Build volunteers enter their information into the Volunteer Information Management System (VIMS) and apply for role for the appropriate Local Kickoff
  • Assign Field Builder and Robot Quick Build volunteers in Volunteer Management Systems (VMS) in order for them to receive additional instructions and information
  • Register participating teams at the Local Kickoff event
  • Distribute packets of information and Kits of Parts to registered teams
  • Return all Kit of Part Receipts to FIRST immediately after the Local Kickoff
  • Store extra/unclaimed Kit of Parts elements in a secure location and ship as directed by FIRST headquarters
  • Complete the post Kickoff survey

Experience and skills needed

  • FIRST experience not required, but very helpful
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to oversee and manage others
  • Ability to collaborate with others, work as a member of a team
  • Attention to detail

Time commitment

Training + pre-event planning and preparation + kickoff day


Training materials will be made available via

Reporting Relationships and Supervision

This individual works closely with the Regional Planning Committee/Regional Director and FIRST Headquarters.