2013-2014 FIRST Volunteer Handbook
FIRST Volunteer Satisfaction/Championship Survey 

The Volunteer Information & Matching System (VIMS)
Register in VIMS for a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) event.
VIMS Step By Step

FTC Mentor Welcome Letter

FRC Mentor Welcome Letter

Event Volunteers

Event Volunteers - FRC Position Descriptions
Event Volunteers - FTC Position Descriptions
Event Volunteers - FLL Position Descriptions
Event Volunteers - Jr.FLL Position Descriptions
Volunteer Recognition


Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement
Consent and Release Form
Event Volunteer Application Form
Medical Incident Report Form
Non-Medical Incident Report Form

FIRST Policies and Procedures

Gracious Professionalism

FIRST Volunteer Standards of Conduct
FIRST Overview on Safety
Other Websites

NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization)
- NEMO supports FIRST Mentors with all the non-technical aspects of running a FIRST team. NEMO has online workshops on topics such as Mentor recruitment and retention, teambuilding, fundraising, and travel, as well as a private online discussion forum.

Energize Inc.
Energize Inc. provides a plethora of ideas for how to recognize the volunteers that make your teams and events possible.