Website Evaluator Advisor

Website Evaluator Advisor

Position Summary - Pre-Event Position, not required to attend competition

The Website Evaluator Advisor oversees the group of Website Evaluators that have volunteered for their regional. They ensure that all websites are evaluated prior to the deadline. The Website Evaluator Advisor also acts as a Website Evaluator. Website Evaluators review and score websites that are designed, built and managed by students participating on FIRST teams. Evaluation is accomplished via an on-line system. There are a minimum of five (5) Website Evaluators recommended for each competition.


    Website Evaluators cannot evaluate a website if they have ANY past or present affiliation with that team. 

    Website Evaluators must be 18 years of age or older.

Best Website Award is given to student-developed websites that depict the team’s involvement with its school, community and FIRST. Each Regional event has one best website award winner that goes on to compete for the Best Website Award at the Championship event.  Teams who achieve a rating of 80% or better will receive an electronic Excellence Award to post on their website.


  • Participate in training opportunities offered by FIRST
  • Train Website Evaluators for their Regional
  • Supervise Website Evaluators and ensure they complete their on-line evaluations in a timely manner
  • Adhere to the Website Evaluation Checklist and rules set down by FIRST

Experience And Skills Needed

  • FIRST experience not required
  • Basic knowledge of FIRST Robotics Competitions; can be acquired by reviewing the FIRST website
  • Basic knowledge of various features of websites
  • Experience browsing the internet; high speed connection preferred
  • Strong assessment skills
  • Must be impartial and fair

Time Commitment

Commitment:  Pre-event position.  Volunteer is not required to attend the regional competition.  Time varies due to the number of Websites submitted for each region and the number of evaluators requiring training and supervision.  Service as a Website Evaluator Advisor is at the volunteer’s convenience; supervision and evaluation process occurs sometime between February the Wednesday before the regional competition. 


FIRST Headquarters provides direction and guidance to the Website Evaluator Advisor, who then trains the Website Evaluators for their Regional.

Reporting Relationships And Supervision

Direct supervision:  FIRST Staff