2013 FIRST Scholarship Provider Logo


The 2013 FIRST Scholarship Provider Logo is available for use by all FIRST Scholarship Providers.  Your organization has the right to display this logo on your website and in printed literature, posters, etc. 

Download the 2013 FIRST Scholarship Provider logo

Suggestions on ways to use this logo include:

  • Display this logo on your website where prospective students will see it.  Consider hot linking it to the description/application of your FIRST scholarship on your website.
  • Display this logo on printed literature that is distributed to prospective students.
  • Print and display this logo (a plastic display stand or photo frame works well) when recruiting at high schools and college fairs.  It will help attract FIRST students to your table/booth. 

Note:  When using this logo, we ask that you don’t deconstruct the logo in any way and that you leave some breathing room around it (don’t have it bumping up against or overlapping other logos or graphics).

Note:  If your organization is NOT providing a 2013 FIRST Scholarship, you do NOT have permission to use this logo.  For information on how to become a FIRST Scholarship Provider, click here.