MATRIX Kit of Parts

MATRIX is one of the two Kit of Parts design systems authorized for FTC Teams. The kit features a quick prototyping system; industry standard hardware, motors, and servos; two systems in one – small gauge for intricate mechanisms and large for heavy duty structures.

MATRIX is based around a joiner system and is based on an 8mm grid hole pattern. This makes it compatible with LEGO and easy to design and build your robot.

You will need to purchase your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT through the LEGO Education website.



MATRIX Competition Kit - $715

Bundle includes: MATRIX Base Set, MATRIX Completion Resource Set, HiTechnic IR Seeker, HiTechnic IR Beacon

HiTechnic IR Seeker - $49.95                                   

HiTechnic IR Beacon - $44.95                                                        


2014-2015 Individual Parts Price List - MATRIX