Team Marketing FAQ

Team Marketing FAQ 

Answers to common questions asked throughout the FRC season.

Q: May we use the FIRST or FIRST Robotics Competition logo in our team promotional items/activities (e.g. t-shirts, pins.)?

Teams are welcome to use the official FIRST or FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) logo in a way that relates to their FIRST team names and activities. Please review our Policy on the Use of FIRST® Trademarks and Copyrighted Materials for more details.

When using the FIRST or FRC logos, you must adhere to FIRST Branding & Design Standards.

Trademark protection does not allow the logos/trademarks to be altered, cut apart, or separated in any way. The logos may be resized, but must maintain the same proportions. If you have any questions regarding the use or depiction of a FIRST or FRC logo, please e-mail

FIRST graphics may not be incorporated into any item for commercial sale without written approval from FIRST Marketing. Please e-mail requests to and allow at least 2 business days for response.

Q: May we use the FRC game logo in our team promotional items/activities?

Teams are welcome to use the FRC game logo following the usage guidelines posted on the FIRST website.  You can find the guidelines and the logo files on the FRC Marketing Tools page (click on the Graphics link).

Q: How do I obtain hi-res artwork for the FIRST or FRC logo?

You can download logo artwork from See the "For Print Applications" column for hi-res, vector-based EPS files. Please adhere to the FIRST Branding & Design Standards.  

Q: What are the colors and font in the FIRST logo?

Detailed information regarding our logo specifications is available in our FIRST Branding & Design Standards.  The color specifications are covered on pages 2 (FIRST logos) and 16 (program colors).

Q: Do you have hi-res FRC stock photography available?

Yes, a selection of photos from the FIRST Championships is available on the online FRC Marketing Tools page (click on the Photo Gallery link). You can download the images in either hi-res or low-res format. Photos should be credited to Adriana M. Groisman unless otherwise indicated beneath the image.

Q: May we use Dean Kamen’s and/or Woodie Flowers’ likeness in our team promotional activities (e.g. cardboard cut-outs, animations.)?

Any use of Dean's or Woodie’s likeness must be respectful and in conformance with FIRST values. Please e-mail requests including a detailed description or sketch/comp of your planned use to FIRST Marketing at and allow 2 business days for response.

Q: Do you have any video tools available so we can show friends, family, potential sponsors, and others what FIRST and FRC are about?

Yes, a selection of videos is available on our FIRSTWorldTube Channel.  Some video files are also available on the online FRC Marketing Tools page (click on the Videos link).

Q: Can we post the FRC game animation on our team website and/or use it in our team promotional activities to explain the game?

Yes. The animation is to be used as-is, with no editing or alterations, and credited as follows:

The current game animations can be found on the FRC YouTube Channel.

Q: Do you have any brochures or flyers that we can use to promote FIRST?

We appreciate teams’ efforts to spread the word about FIRST.  With close to 80 FRC events, more than 2,500 teams, and thousands of Volunteers all doing terrific work, we don’t have the resources to support requests for quantities of materials.  However, what we have done to help is we have created materials that are specifically designed to be produced locally.  These include good quality 1- and 2-page fliers that address specific areas about FIRST and its programs, as well as PowerPoint slides for presentations.  These can be easily printed/reproduced locally in color or shared via e-mail. Please visit the FRC Marketing Tools page and check out the items in the General / Promotional Fliers, Brochures, Annual Report, Presentations, and Scholarships section.

Q: May we issue press releases about our participation in FRC (including awards announcements)?

FRC teams are encouraged to issue press releases to local media about their participation and accomplishments in the FIRST Robotics Competition program. Click here to find some tips and resources to help you incorporate appropriate FIRST messaging in your release.

Q: Is it OK for our team to participate in media opportunities?

Absolutely! Please work directly with your local or regional media representatives to cover the team. If the media wishes to attend your event with you, please direct them to the event organizers to obtain media credentials (or e-mail FIRST Marketing at if you are unsure who to contact).

Please be sure to let FIRST Marketing know of any national media opportunities by sending an e-mail to

Q: Is the FIRST Robotics Competition televised?

Some Regional events receive television and/or webcast coverage. Each season, we will have a homepage headline linking to a list of known event broadcasts. The list is updated frequently throughout the season.

Q: Can we obtain match footage?

A: Match archives from select FRC events are available online courtesy of the Blue Alliance. Visit the Blue Alliance Match Archives and enter your team number in the "SEARCH TEAMS" box in the upper right corner (below the header banner).