Team Organization and Management

(a) Communications with FIRST
(b) Timelines & Deadlines
(c) Handbooks and Manuals/DVDs
(d) Organizational Structure of Team 
(e) PR/Media/Marketing

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(a) Communications with FIRST 

Team Information Management System (TIMS)

Registration fees 

FRC Team Email Blast Archive

Behind the LinesTeleconference Recordings

FRC Blog - News direct from the Director of FRC at FIRST

(b) Timelines & Deadlines

FRC Season Calendar & Important Deadlines for 2013-2014

(c) Handbooks and Manuals/DVDs 

FRC Handbook - How to guide your team through the season. Includes sample team budgets and schedules in the appendices.

Team 358 - Separate handbooks for advisors, parents, mentors, officers, students.

Team in a Box - FRC Team 341 has created a free how-to DVD for new FRC teams.

MOE, Team 365, 2007 Championship Chairman''s Award Winner, Wilmington, DE - MOEmentum: Team 365’s information database on everything needed for a team''s initial year.

Rookie Resources from Penfield Robotics, Team 1511

Raider Robotics, Team 25 RINO’s (Rookies in Need of Support) 

FRSee: Virtual Collaboration Network created by Team 1986

Search FIRST: Team 357 - Google hosted, internet search engine that facilitates content specific searching of the web, linking only to FIRST related sites.

(d) Organizational Structure of Team 

1. Mentors

Thank Your Mentor Day  

National Mentoring Month

pdf icon A Mentor Is (NEMO) 

pdf icon Recruiting and Retaining Mentors (NEMO) 

pdf icon Sample MOU between school and mentors (NEMO)

2. Students

pdf icon Recruiting New Students to Your FIRST Robotics Competition Team (NEMO)

3. Parents

pdf icon 101 Ways Parents can Help a FIRST Team (NEMO)

ppt Parents Meeting (PowerPoint presentation) from Penfield Robotics

ppt Parent information session (PowerPoint Presentation) from Penfield Robotics

Parent's signup letter (Word document) from Penfield Robotics

4. Community

Team Management Plan, from Skunkworks Robotics Team 1983, download via Chief Delphi

Project Management Basics for FIRST Teams (Word document, download via Chief Delphi) 

ppt Project Management Basics For FIRST (PowerPoint presentation, download via Chief Delphi)

Chief Delphi CD-Media Home - White Papers & Photos (contributed by hundreds of FRC teams). Thousands of ideas, including examples of business plans, fundraising ideas, and scouting sheets

Chief Delphi Team Organization Sub-Forums - Operational nuts and bolts posted by the FRC community

pdf icon Team Organization Tips (NEMO)

ppt 501(c)3 Nonprofit Status: What is it, do we need it and how do we get it? (PowerPoint presentation NEMO)

ppt Communicating with Your Team (PowerPoint presentation via NEMO)

(e) PR/Media/Marketing

FIRST's FRC Team Marketing FAQ

FRC Marketing Tools - Official handouts, graphics, logos, PowerPoint summaries and facts to be used by FIRST teams

FIRST in the News - The latest media coverage of FIRST

FIRST Newsletter Archive - subscribe now

pdf icon Publicity FIRST - White paper from Team 358 (NEMO)

pdf icon Publicity Tips (NEMO) 

ppt Communicating with the Community (PowerPoint document via NEMO) - Includes press release template; view in Notes format

pdf icon Hints for Contacting Your Elected Officials (NEMO)