Building a Robot

(a) Design Process
(b) Kit of Parts (KOP)
(c) CAD & Autodesk
(d) Weight Management
(e) Programming & Software
        1. General
        2. C/C++
        3. LabVIEW
        4. Java
        5. VxWorks Libraries
        6. Source Control
(f) Mechanical
(g) Pneumatics
(h) Drive Train
(i) Control System
(J) Electrical/Wiring
(k) Sensors
(l) Crates and Shipping
(m) Building a practice field 

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(a) Design Process 

Brainstorming presentation (WPI FIRST Think Tank)

Effective FIRST  Strategies Presentation - Hall of Fame Team 1114

(b) Kit of Parts (KOP) 

FIRST Kit of Parts Website

(c) CAD



(d) Weight Management

Robot Weight Watchers - .ppt download from ChiefDelphi

Upfront Weight Budgeting Tool for Concept Development - .xls download from ChiefDelphi

(e) Programming & Software

National Instruments Community for FIRST Robotics - Read the latest training tutorials, watch cool videos, download example programs, and connect with real-world engineers from around the world. 

1. General (multiple languages)

WPI FIRST think tank programming articles

2. C/C++

C Library Reference Guides

C++ Reference Wiki

ACM/UIUC C Library Reference Guide

Tutorials & references - The C++ Resources Network

3. LabVIEW

FRC Mastery

National Instruments FIRST developer community web site

Learning LabVIEW

4. Java

As an open source language there is extensive online support for Java. Start at: - Learning the Java Language

Also check out:

Java Coffee Break - Your free guide to learning the Java programming language

Beginners Java Tutorial Java

5. VxWorks libraries

See extensive help files included with Wind River Workbench or:

VxWorks Reference Manual (9mb pdf)

6. Source Control

Subversion - Open source version control system from 

Concurrent Versions System (CVS) - Open source version control

(f) Mechanical 

Mechanical Design - presentation by Ian Mackenzie  on FIRST Canada (pdf)

WPI FIRST think tank Mechanical articles

JVN's Mechanical Design Calculator

Center of Gravity and Robots
NEMO: Mechanical Tips for FIRST Teams Handout (pdf)

(g) Pneumatics

FIRST Pneumatics

Pneumatic Power Presentation

Pneumatics - University of Waterloo Presentation

(h) Drive Train

KOP - Drive Train System

WPI - Drive Systems (Pdf)

Drive Train Design (Pdf)

ii. Manipulators

Mechanisms - Student Team 190 (PPT)

Robot Design - mp3 Recording

(i) Control System

Kit of Parts Control System - FIRST

Kit of Parts Driver Station - FIRST

(j) Electrical/Wiring

WPI FIRST think tank electrical articles
Electrical discussions

NEMO: Electrical Tips Handout

WPI Wiring (Pdf)

(k) Sensors

Kit of Part Sensors - FIRST

(l) Crates and Shipping 

Building a Basic Crate 2.0 - Chief Delphi

(m) Building a Practice Field

2014 Official FIRST Field Drawings