(a) Who & Where are the teams?
(b) How to start a Team
(c) Recognition
(d) Outreach

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(a) Who & Where Are The Teams?

Information about teams in your area.
From the above link you will be able to find:
Who are the teams registered from this state?
Which teams from this state are willing to be mentors?
Which teams in this state would like mentoring?
Which teams in this state are rookies?
Which teams from this state are going to the Championship?

Best practices for web pages

(b) How to Start a Team

Starting an FRC Team: Tips on recruiting, organization, and basic equipment you will need (PDF)

Definition of a rookie team

(c) Recognition

Discussion on end of year team recognition activities by teams on the forums

(d) Outreach

Outreach is an important activity for teams. Visit WPI FIRST to see what some teams have done.