2007 Competition Manual and related documents

2007 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual and related documents

This page contains important documents for the 2007 FIRST Robotics Competition Season.  The entire manual can be downloaded as a single .zip file or as individual chapters.

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Complete 2007 FRC Manual - The complete 2007 FRC Manual.

2007 FRC Manual (.zip - 5.0MB)  


Section 0 - Introduction - High-level overview of the competition

pdf iconSection 0 - Introduction_RevB  


Section 1 - Communication - Contacting FIRST staff, Innovation First, and Autodesk. Find information on using the FIRST logo, utilizing the on-line forums, and maintaining the TIMS.

pdf iconSection 1 - Communication  


Section 2 - Team Organization  - Provides some suggestions on organizing a team .

pdf iconSection 2 - Team Organization  


Section 3 - At the Events - Provides an overview of the events with info on the pit, registration, robot inspection, the machine shop, safety, practice rounds and competition matches, courtesies and rules.

pdf iconSection 3 - At the Events_RevA  


Section 4 - Robot Transportation - Very important information regarding crate specs, battery shipping requirements, the FedEx shipping donation, definitions, drayage company functions & requirements, and shipping deadlines.

pdf iconSection 4 - Robot Transportation_RevC  


Section 5 - The Awards - Describes the awards and their submission criteria

pdf iconSection 5 - The Awards_RevB  

pdf iconAutodesk Visualization Award - Regional Competition


Section 6 - The Arena -Describes the arena, field elements, and game elements in detail. There are several pertinent drawings listed in this section.

pdf iconSection 6 - The Arena_RevC  

Team Drawings - drawings for 2007 Team Field Elements. Recommended to teams for a low cost field.

Official FIRST Drawings - Documents to build and Official FIRST Field.


Section 7 - The Game - Describes the game in detail. Related Video (available at Kickoff)

pdf iconSection 7 - The Game_RevG  


Section 8 - The Robot - Describes all rules associated with building a compliant robot. There are several other documents that support the building of a robot:

pdf iconSection 8 - The Robot_RevG  

1) Many documents hosted at Innovation First

2) pdf iconRobot Power Distribution Diagram

3) pdf iconBattery Power Terminal Strip

4) pdf iconRobot Signal Light_R1

5) pdf iconRobot Inspection Checklist RevC

6) Inspection Template (.xls)

Related Documents & Resources - Tips and Good Practices (includes Supplier Resources for teams, Where To Buy list, etc.), Pneumatics Manual, Sensor Manual, Chassis Kit Manual, CMUCam2 Workbook, etc.


Section 9 - The Tournament - Describes how the tournament is played

pdf iconSection 9 - The Tournament_RevA  


Section 10 -  Kit of Parts- Describes the 2007 Kit of Parts:

pdf iconSection 10 - Kit of Parts  

pdf iconKit of Parts Checklist_RevE