2008 Competition Manual and Related Documents

2008 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual and Related Documents


This page contains important documents for the 2008 FIRST Robotics Competition Season. 

Section 0 - Introduction - Overview of the competition, Gracious Professionalism, and prominent FRC awards.

pdf iconSection 0 - Introduction Rev B 

Section 1 - Communication - Find information on contacting FIRST staff, using the FIRST logo, utilizing the on-line forums, and maintaining the TIMS.

pdf iconSection 1 - Communication

Section 2 - Team Organization  - Provides suggestions on organizing a team.

pdf iconSection 2 - Team Organization

Section 3 - At the Events - An overview of the events with information on the pit, registration, robot inspection, the machine shop, safety, practice rounds and competition matches, courtesies and rules.

pdf iconSection 3 - At the Events Rev C (updated 2/01/08)

Section 4 - Robot Transportation - Guide on how to pack, crate, and ship your robot. Crucial information on donation from FedEx.

pdf iconSection 4 - Robot Transportation 

Section 5 - The Awards - Describes the awards and their submission criteria.

pdf iconSection 5 - The Awards Rev C (updated 3/11/08)

Section 6 - The Arena - Describes the arena, field elements, and game elements in detail. There are several pertinent drawings listed in this section.

pdf iconSection 6 - The Arena Rev B 

2008 FIRST Official Drawings - Complete drawings and assemblies to build an official FIRST playing field.

2008 Team Drawings - Complete drawings and assemblies for a low cost version of the FIRST playing field.

Section 7 - The Game - Describes the game in detail. Related Video (available after Kickoff)

pdf iconSection 7 - The Game Rev G (updated 2/28/08) 

Section 8 - The Robot - Describes all rules associated with building a compliant robot.

pdf iconSection 8 - The Robot Rev G (updated 2/8/08)

Section 9 - The Tournament - Describes how the tournament is played.

pdf iconSection 9 - The Tournament Rev D 

Click HERE for details on the algorithm used to generate Alliances.

Section 10 - The Kit of Parts - Describes the 2008 Kit of Parts.

pdf iconSection 10 - The Kit of Parts Rev B