2010 Competition Manual and Related Documents

2010 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual and Related Documents

/uploadedImages/Robotics_Programs/FRC/FRC_Communications_Resource_Center/Communication_Assets/2010_Archive_Assets/FRC2009_Breakaway.jpg This page contains important documents for the 2010 FIRST Robotics Competition Season.  

Complete 2010 FRC Manual - this is a single package download (4.8 MB)

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Section 0 - Introduction - Overview of the competition, Gracious Professionalism, and prominent FRC awards.
Section 1 - Communication - Find information on contacting FIRST staff, using the FIRST logo, utilizing the on-line forums, and maintaining the TIMS.

Section 2 - Team Organization - Provides suggestions on organizing a team.
Section 3 - At The Events_RevA - An overview of the events with information on the pit, registration, robot inspection, the machine shop, safety, practice rounds and competition matches, courtesies and rules.
Section 4 - Robot Transportation_RevA  - Detailed information on crates specs, the drayage process, and the FedEx donation. 
Section 5 - The Awards, RevA  - Describes the awards and their submission criteria.
Section 6 - The Arena_RevD - Describes the arena, field elements, and game elements in detail. There are several pertinent drawings listed in this section.

Field Drawings  - Complete drawings and assemblies to build an official or low cost FIRST playing field

Vision Target - drawing RevA. This drawing is also included in the Game Specific Drawings and Team Specific Drawings packages, both available via the Field Drawings link above.

Section 7 - The Game_RevK - Describes the game in detail.

Delay-of-Game Management Algorithm (DOGMA) - RevA - describes the algorithm governing the return of balls to the playing field.

Game Animation

Section 8 - The Robot_RevK - Describes all rules associated with building a compliant robot. The links below provide additional resources.

FRC Robot Control System Documentation and Resources   

Sensor Manual_RevA  - updated to include Gyro pin-out 

Pneumatics Manual 

Labels for 120A Main Breaker and Pressure Release Valves 

FRC Suggestions document

Inspection Checklist Championship Posted April 7, 2010

Inspection Bill-of-Materials (BOM) Template 

Additional Technical Resources - includes Control System and Sensor schematics and board designs.

Section 9 - The Tournament_RevE - Describes how the tournament is played.

Field Management System Twitter Feed - details on the format of tweets posted by the Field Management System.

Configuring the WET610N Radio_Rev0 - procedure for configuring the WET610N radio for use at an FRC event.

Section 10 - The Kit of Parts_RevA - Describes the 2010 Kit of Parts.

Kit of Parts Checklist_RevC 

2010 Rookie/Veteran Kit Variation table  

Axis Camera Pan & Tilt Components with Assembly 

Gyro Datasheet - Analog Devices ADW22307 RevE

Magnetic Rotary Encoder - AS5030-AB-2.0 Adapterboard User Manual Rev1

Where to get more_RevB  - describes where to procure addtional Kit of Parts components

Burndy datasheets for lugs - Type KPA SCRULUG and Type YAZ-FX Two Hole HYLUG 
Spare Parts List for Regional events

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