2010 FRC Control System

2010 FRC Control System

Control System Manual

         pdf iconChapter 0 - Beta Test

         pdf iconChapter 1 - Introduction 1/09/10

         pdf iconChapter 2 - Getting Started 1/09/10 bench top test you should do first

         pdf iconChapter 3 - Component Data Sheets 1/09/10 more than you might need to know about the hardware 

Care of Reusable Components

      pdf icon  Care of reusable 2010 kit components 

Hardware Documentation

         pdf iconRobot Power Distribution Diagram_RevA - includes wiring detail for robots using 12V, 24V, or 12V & 24V solenoids.
         pdf iconRobot Data Connectivity Diagram
         pdf iconCypress IO Pinout Tables 


Java - posted 15 Feb 2010

C/C++  - posted 08 Feb 2010

Mandatory cRIO Image and LabVIEW Update - posted 15 Feb 2010 - all teams must update their cRIO with this image to compete, even if you are using Java or C/C++ to program your robot.

Mandatory Driver Station Update/Driver Station Installer (for use on any PC) - posted 15 Feb 2010

Fix for Driver Station Missing 'nicyapi.dll' Issue - posted 11 Jan 2010

Fixed and Known Issues update - posted 15 Feb 2010

CAN/Jaguar Update   - posted 24 Mar 2010 - only necessary if you are using the CAN function of your Jaguars

Cypress Board  update posted 12 Jul 2010 - Source code for version 2 of the Driver Station I/O firmware


FRC Vision Whitepaper - This document describes the assumptions that the sample robot code makes about robot construction, how to operate the robot so that the sample code will aim the robot at a target, how the vision code and control code work, and some tips on troubleshooting and tuning the vision code.


CTL for Classmate hardware help - Submit a ticket online. Please remember to include the Serial # or Asset Tag # of your Classmate PC, your contact info, and a shipping address if a repair is needed. We also recommend that you add "support@ctl.helpserve.com" to a white-list if you have a spam blocker installed.

Robot Quick Build

Robot Quick Build Information 


FIRST Community - National Instruments web site for the FIRST Community. Training tutorials, videos, download example programs, and connect with real-world engineers from around the world.

FIRST Think Tank @ WPI - articles on Electrical and Mechanical systems, Programming, Workshops, Leadership, and Outreach. Got a great idea? Post it on Think Tank!

Robot Control System discussion on FIRST Forums

FIRST Forge - and online community for sharing software among the FIRST Robotics Competition teams 

LabVIEW tutorials - video tutorials hosted by Enable Training and Consulting, Inc.

Support for cRIO, cRIO modules, LabVIEW, WindRiver Workbench Tools

National Instruments Tech Support Phone 866-511-6285

Dec 1-Jan 5 8am - 6pm CST Repair and Purchasing
Jan 11-Feb 23 1pm - 7pm CST Technical support, Repair and Purchasing
Post Feb 23 8am - 6pm CST Repair and Purchasing

National Instruments FIRST resources website  www.ni.com/first

Information about the Jaguar motor controller


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