2011 Competition Manual and Related Documents


LOGO MOTIONTM short game description, videos, graphics, and more

FRC Administrative Manual 

Section 1 - Introduction 
Overview of FRC, Gracious Professionalism, and prominent FRC awards.
Section 2 - Communication 
Covers Team Support, the Q&A forum, TIMS and guidelines for using the  FIRST logo
Section 3 - Team Organization 
Outlines the Main, Alternate and Shipping Contact responsibilities and recommends additional roles for adult volunteers.
Section 4 - At The Events Rev C

What to expect at FRC competitions.  Includes event check in, the pit area, competition overview, safety, ceremonies, team spirit and a packing checklist.
Section 5 - Robot Transportation 
Rules specific to transporting your robot to events

How to Ship Your Robot - further details on shipping to a Traditional Regional Event
Attending a Bag and Tag Event Rev B - further details on transporting your robot to a Bag and Tag Regional Event

Robot Lock Up Form
Non-Compliance Robot Lock Up Form 

Shipping Crate Construction 

Print Shipping Address Labels for your Event 

Special Instructions for International Teams - coming soon

Shipping Paperwork Samples

Bag & Tag FAQ 

Section 6 - The Awards 
Lists FRC awards and provides submission criteria.


FRC Game Manual 

Complete FRC Game Manual (single PDF) - 22Mar2011 

Section 1 - Introduction_RevD - Includes a description of the FIRST Robotics Competition, a game summary, and glossary of terms.

Section 2 -  The Arena_RevD - Describes the arena, field elements, and game elements in detail.

Field Drawings - Complete drawings and assemblies to build an official or low cost FIRST playing field

Vision Target Dimensions 

Section 3 - The Game RevM  - Describes the game in detail.

The LOGO MOTION Hook - the hook used by FIELD crew to remove MINIBOTS from the TOWER

Section 4 -  The Robot_RevL - Describes all rules associated with building a compliant robot. 

Robot Inspection Checklist  

Mini Bot Inspection Checklist 
Robot Quick Build Documents  (zip) - thanks to Ron Markum, Ken York and Ed Latimer

Approved Textrix Parts

FIRST Design video with Grant Imahara

Inspection Bill-of-Materials (BOM) Template 

Section 5 - The Tournament RevC  - Describes how the tournament is played.

Kit of Parts Information

Kit of Parts Website

Software Updates 


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