2011 FRC Kit of Parts


Kit of Parts Checklist Rev E (updated 2/15/2011)

If you received missing or broken parts in your FIRST Choice FTC Minikit, please contact Pitsco at 866-349-5346.

"Missing or Broken?" (Replacement Parts Process) 

Where to Get More (Rev C - updated 2/1/2011)

2011 Rookie / Vet KOP Variation Table 

FIRST Forums 

FIRST Choice 

Kate's Kickoff Video

Control System

Kinect Information for 2012 (NEW 10/6/2011)

NI 2011 Control System Training Material  (NEW 1/12/11)

Classmate Drive Space Recovery Procedure  (UPDATED 2/1/2011)

Classmate Drive Space Installation Files  (zip file) (UPDATED 2/1/2011)

Windows 7 Activation  (NEW 2/1/2011)

Windows 7 Activation Files  (zip file) (NEW 2/1/2011)

Installing the 2011 Driver Station on a Non-Classmate PC  (NEW 2/10/2011)

Control System Forums 

Robot Data Connectivity Diagram (PWM)  

Robot Data Connectivity Diagram (Serial - CAN) 

Robot Data Connectivity Diagram (Ethernet - CAN)  (NEW 2/15/2011)

Robot Power Distribution Diagram (24V Solenoid)

Robot Power Distribution Diagram (12V Solenoid)  (NEW 2/11/2011)

Robot Power Distribution Diagram (12V & 24V Solenoid)  (NEW 2/11/2011)

Getting Started with the 2011 Control System  (updated 1/10/11)

How to Set Up Your 2011 Driver Station  (updated 2/1/2011)

How to Configure your cRIO (Rev A - updated 1/12/11)  

How to Set Up Your Robot Control System 

How to Build and Load Programming in LabVIEW, C/C++, and Java  
Basic Operator Control   

How to Configure your Camera  

How to Configure Your Radio Rev A (1/25/2011) 

How to Configure your I/O Module  

CTL for Classmate Hardware Help 

Beta Test Forums   

How to Fix Radio Emergency Web Server Instructions (NEW 1/14/2011)           

How to Fix Radio Emergency Web Server (zip file) (NEW 1/14/2011)

Driver Station Software Download  (NEW 2/1/2011)

Dlink Proof of Purchase (NEW 2/4/11)


Pneumatics Manual Rev B  (UPDATED 2/1/2011)

Parts Data Sheets

Motor Curves (Rev A 1/26/2011)

AS5030 - Rotary Magnetic Encoder 

AS5304 - Linear Magnetic Encoder 

Cypress I/O Pinout Tables 

Jaguar Info 

Burndy KLA SCRULUG (specific part highlighted)

Burndy YAZ-FX Two-Hole HYLUG (specific part highlighted)

E4P-360-250-S4149 - US Digital Encoder 

ADXL345 - Accelerometer 

ADW22307 - Gyro 

Honeywell Microswitches 

Victor Installation Drawing 

Victor User Guide 

Spike Installation Drawing  

Spike User Guide 

Logitech Attack 3 Joysticks  

Festo Solenoids 
Axis M1001 Camera (2011 KOP Camera) 

Axis 206 Camera (2009 & 2010 KOP Camera) 

Rockwell Automation Line Tracking Sensors  

Rockwell Automation Signal LED 

Power Distribution Board 

Compact RIO (cRIO)  

Analog Breakout  

Digital Sidecar  

Solenoid Breakout  

Burndy Tie Wraps (specific part highlighted)

Design Packages for Control System and Sensor Boards 

Tetrix (FTC Minikit) Motor Curve (NEW 1/17/2011)

Sensor Manual (NEW 1/18/2011)

Virtual Kit


Custom Order