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There are three components to the 2012 Kit of Parts (KOP):
  1. Kickoff Kit – these items are delivered to teams at their Local Kickoff site. Contents are detailed in the 2012 Kickoff Kit Checklist Rev A.
    If you find that parts in your Kickoff Kit are missing or damaged, please tell us using our Replacement Parts Process.
    If you want to find your own spare or replacement parts, use this Where to Get More document to get information about sourcing Kickoff Kit items. (updated 1/24/2012)
    To see the explicit differences between the Kickoff Kits rookie and veteran teams receive, please refer to the 2012 Rookie / Veteran KOP Variation Table.

  2. Virtual Kit – these items are available to teams directly from the supplier either via download or custom order. The list of participating suppliers includes:
    Product Donation Vouchers
    -Automotive Recyclers Association - use your PDV to get additional motors for your robot
    -BaneBots - use your team's code in TIMS to get BaneBots items
    -DigiKey - use your PDV to get DigiKey parts
    -Inventables - use your PDV to get Inventables parts
    Other Free Parts
    -Bimba - select up to three pneumatic cylinders using Bimba’s custom order form.
    -Gates - request additional free Gates components here.
    Software Downloads
    -Altium Designer – board design software
    -Autodesk – CAD tools (their Kickoff Kit CAD files are available here)
    -PTC – CAD tools (their Kickoff Kit CAD files are available here)
    -Diamond Bullet Studios - A simulation of the 2012 FRC Game available to all FRC teams.

  3. FIRST Choice – these items, of limited inventory, are available to teams and are ordered using credits.

    For more information about 2012 KOP items, consult the Technical Resources available on this site.

    If you need help, find out what to do on the Get Help page.

    For general 2012 KOP updates, you can watch the Kit Kickoff Video.
Kit of Parts Home
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