2012 FRC Robot Driver Station Information

NEW Information on using the Driver Station Log File Viewer (New 3/14/2012)

We've heard some teams are having issues imaging their E09 Classmates. If your team is one of those, read our Classmate Imaging Supplement.

UPDATED Here is a procedure to create a new USB Image Restoration Key. (Updated 3/27/12)

Details on how to install the Driver Station on a non-Classmate (updated 1/10/12)

Download the Driver Station

NI Driver Station Tutorial

If you're having trouble with your Classmate, here's how to contact CTL to get help

Information on the Cypress I/O Pinout Tables

Product information on the Logitech Attack 3 Joysticks

For general information on the Kinect, check out our Kinect site

Get the Kinect Server and Kiosk

Get the Microsoft SDK

Information on how to get started with the Kinect

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