2013 Control System


LabVIEW Getting Started and Training Sessions (beginner and advanced)

Details on one way to build a Control Board for your KOP Drive System or Benchtop Testbed.

Getting Started With the 2013 Control System

FMS Whitepaper

For information from National Instruments, view the NI Control System Training Material

For information on how signal passes through your robot, check out:

Robot Data Connectivity Diagram

For a schematic of how power moves through your robot, check out:

Robot Power Distribution Diagram

Details on the cRIO

For the differences between the two cRIO's, view the cRIO-FRC vs cRIO-FRC II FAQ

Information on motor controllers and relays:

Jaguar Getting Started Guide

Victor 888 User Manual

Spike User Guide

Talon User Guide

Product information on the cameras that have been distributed with the Kits:

Axis M1011 Camera

Axis 206 Camera

Product information on the Rockwell Automation Signal LED

More information on the FIRST supplied pieces of the Robot Control System:

Power Distribution Board

Digital Sidecar

Analog Breakout

Solenoid Breakout

Here are the Control System Board design files.