FRC Needs Team T-Shirts for the Kickoff Videos

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Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 14:27

The FRC Engineering staff had a great idea. Instead of the FRC staff wearing traditional FRC shirts-and-khakis for the Kickoff videos they’ll be filming, how about if we ask teams to send in their t-shirts for the staff to wear?

Sounds good to me! Here’s the deal: if you're interested, please send us your team t-shirts. We need Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Larger sizes, with more of the larger sizes being needed than smaller ones. We will randomly pick from those we receive and wear those for the Kickoff taping we’ll be doing soon. If you send in a wider variety of sizes, your shirt will be more likely to be picked, but please don’t send in more than one of each size. With luck, your team t-shirt may show up during the Kickoff broadcast! How exciting would that be? One word, all caps: WICKED.

Send your team t-shirts to:

Attn: Collin Fultz


200 Bedford Street

Manchester, NH 03101

We need to receive those t-shirts by December 4th, so please get packing!

Quick Note: T-shirts won’t be returned. 

Another Quick Note: Nothing in this blog should be interpreted as a game hint.



Are you sure you aren't collecting game pieces for the Tee Sheet shooting game?


By saying nothing in THIS blog you make everyone go crazy and look aback at all your previous blogs. Great job Frank!

I know, right? Frank just had me go crazy looking through all of the past blogs. I am not sure I will be sleeping tonight.

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