FRC Grant Information

Introduction to Team Grants

Team grants are sponsor-directed funds that are distributed by FIRST Headquarters. If you receive a grant, please make sure to read the sponsor’s instructions carefully. Each sponsor has different requirements.

Depending on the grant, the funds can cover:

  • Registration
  • Product
  • Expenses

Why Apply?

We encourage all teams to apply for grants. Grants can help create lasting relationships with organizations that sometimes provide:

  • Mentors for your team
  • Expert advice
  • Internships

Things to Keep In Mind

Receiving a national grant can be a competitive process, with each sponsor evaluating teams based on different criteria. Submitting a grant application does not guarantee funding for your team. In fact, only about 50 percent of teams receive a national grant during a typical FRC season.

Relying on grant funds that you have not received yet can get your team into a tricky financial situation. While you are waiting to learn the status of your grant application, we recommend working on a backup plan. There are many other ways you can raise funds for your team. Some resources include:

These are only some suggestions of the many ways your team can raise money. The season can be very busy, so make sure to start fundraising early.

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