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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 10:27
pool noodle

Blog Info

Lately we’ve been releasing some important season information via this blog.  Some folks have expressed concern about knowing when key season information gets released. 

Any important season-related information will get shared in summary form on the regular team email blasts we send out.  We limit these email blasts to one – or at most two – per week to reduce the chance of email overload, but team Main and Alternate Contacts and any Adult Mentors registered in TIMS who opt-in to receiving email blasts should be receiving them.  If you want to know about it anytime we post a new blog, you can subscribe to our RSS feed.  Look for the icon at the top of the main blog page.  As a side note – one of the reasons we recently made this blog a direct part of is that we found some schools were blocking access to our prior blog provider, and we want blog information to be available broadly.

Pool Noodles

Buy them, if you don’t have them already, for your 2013 bumpers.

Bag and Tag

Just like last year, all North American FRC events, with the exception of Championship, will be bag and tag.

I’ll blog again soon.



Thanks for this info. It would be really helpful to know ahead of time what newest versions of cRio and motor speed controls will be legal for use in the 2013 season. Many school districts do their purchasing in the Fall (now) and these are often the two most expensive parts of the robot. It would really help to know what to buy ahead of time.

Hi Dave. I talk about the cRIO for 2013 in this post: The 4-slots and 8-slots from 2012 will still be used for 2013. With regards to motor speed controllers, I'm sorry, we're not releasing any additional information at this time.

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