FRC Blogged - Mentor Recognition, Recruiting Posters, Safety Animation, and a Photo Inside the GDC ‘Game Lab’

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Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 11:08

Mentor Recognition

Show your team mentors you care!  And get them plugged in to the FRC email blast at the same time, if they want that.  Main and Alternate team contacts in TIMS can invite other mentors to sign up right within TIMS.  Mentors registered in TIMS by Friday, 12/14/12 will receive a recognition certificate and pin during National Mentor Month in January.  They also get the option to receive the FRC Email Blast directly.   

Recruiting posters

Working to get more team members?  Check out these great customizable recruiting posters:

I’ve even got one up in my office, though, honestly, I don’t get many high school students wandering through.  Unless it’s happening at night when I’m not around.


Safety Animation Award

Safety Animation Award details have been posted.  Check out details here:  Submissions will open on Thursday, October 11, 2012 and close at on Thursday, December 13, 2012.


Photo Inside the GDC ‘Game Lab’

As promised, a photo inside the GDC Game Lab: 


well.... that was anticlimactic

You trolls. I have a feeling we're getting rickrolled.

I second that! :P It's a pitty how much brain power is, will (for the next month), and has been dumped into pulling ideas from this photo... But hey, if one of the teams does get what the challenge is going to be when the challenge is announced, I'll be surprised.

The photo is from exactly 3 minutes into the video. Take that as you will.

Must mean half life 3

Obscure as always.

Hmm, is it the picture or the cork board????

Microphones? Is this year about microphones?

So, the name of the song is 'Never Gonna Give You Up' so they will not be giving up any info of the game this year?

Anyone know of any tips for the game of 2013?

Simple: The game this year is keep away. There will be an inflatable tube in the shape of a "U," and you cannot give "U" up.

I am sure we've been trolled. It's rick astly for robot's sake.

There were windows in the background... the field is going to be made out of glass!

From the CD forum: "Also, one of our past team leads was interviewed for a FIRST scholarship video. She asked the guy for a game hint, and he sort of gave her one: it's going to be played on a field! Does this mean no water game?"

Is this a real hint? Or are we just getting...rick rolled

You know, this post has been up for nearly two months, and you're the first person to just ask that question outright? The answer, unfortunately, is not simple.

My understanding is that 'rickrolling' requires a bait and switch. Someone is promised something specific, and instead is unexpectedly delivered Rick Astley. In this case, I promised a photo inside the GDC game lab, and that's exactly what this was. The photo happened to be of Rick Astley. So, from that narrow perspective, this was not a rickroll at all.

I'll admit there may be other interpretations of this.

There's more to it than what meets the eye. You may be surprised. I was extremely surprised at my own results. Unfortunately, I don't think i'm allowed to say.

Is there data hidden in the bytes of the photo encoding that make a different picture

What if the pic is actually the field set up. In the corners you have 2 scoring areas, like the pins holding in the pic one raised and one on the ground or close to flush with the ground. I've got the feeling that these lines
"Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you"
will be specifically important.I have no idea if the cork-board means anything.

The fact that there's three different color thumbtacks... and that the picture is a clip at the 3 minute mark of the video... I have a feeling the number 3's pretty important.

i think it has something to do with the pins

Can someone send me a link to the video?

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