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Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 13:08

Check out the short film linked to below, Produced and Directed by Paul Lazarus, member of the FRC Game Design Committee.  This wonderful film features Dean and his Slingshot water purification device and has been entered in the Focus Forward Film Competition.  If this film doesn’t inspire you to become a scientist or engineer so you can make the world a better place, I don’t know what will.     

The film is currently a semifinalist in the competition, and FIRST folks can push it over the top to be named an ‘Audience Favorite’ by voting for it online.  Watch the film, then click the ‘Vote Now’ button that appears at the end.  Wouldn’t it be great if this film about Dean and his work won?  You can help make that happen! Every viewer is allowed to vote ten times every day.   If you support this effort – and I believe you do  - please max out your daily vote and vote often!

I’ll blog again soon.



This is fantastic. Love the video, and love the slingshot.

When will the world understand that it most times is NOT some BIG corporation or GOVERNMENT that has most of the time solved major problems in the world but the FREEDOM of Individual great minds that do so!

Loved this video!! Truely fabulous!! This video should win!

it was good and cool

That's really cool!!!

Can't wait to be apart of the engineering worldso i can have the resources to make things like this!

i wesley tavares from shoemaker high school declare this as an cool way to way to purified water.

In one word AWESOME best invention ever

A water purification device. Finally someone thinks about the water we all drink!!!

That was Truly Great!

Really liked the Slingshot water purification device. Never seen anything like before. Finally somebody able to make anything possible.

I am with team 647 and i think it is a good idea and has potential

Very interesting, I'd like to learn more.

I love this machine it works beautifully. And the video has a very good chance of winning

That's pretty cool video. I hope you win!

You betcha I'd vote for this awesome-possibilities machine, if I could figure out how to vote...hope this blog counts!

Clean water is not a 21st Century problem - it's an ancient problem. Kamen's solution is definitely 21st century, though, and there's the rub. How easy is this device to fix, or maintain? The proof of its effectiveness will be in its long-term ability to provide clean water where there may be no or only intermittent electricity or access to replacement parts or tools to fix the machine. As a water resources engineer, I must admit that I am skeptical. It certainly is a good problem to be working on, though, so more power to the inventors!

our team have been a follower of the sling shot project since the beginning. question; can the sling shot be operated by pedal power.....most places with no water donot have electrty. can we use people power


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