FRC Blogged - FIRST Choice, 2013 Control System, and Regional Slots

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Friday, November 16, 2012 - 11:16

FIRST Choice

In case you missed it, FIRST Choice opened for a little pre-holiday window shopping on Monday.  Check it out:

And don’t forget to look at the 2013 FIRST Choice Ordering Rules:

Remember one of the changes this year – teams will be able to place orders starting December 10th.

2013 Control System

I wanted to give you a quick update on the 2013 Control System. The majority of the Control System hardware will not change from 2012 to 2013 (with the exception of the Jaguar modifications disclosed earlier in this blog), but there are two more exceptions we thought you should know about now.

First, the list of approved motor controllers will be expanded. Specifically, Cross the Road Electronics’ Talon and Innovation First’s Victor 888 motor controllers will be legal.

Second, all teams will receive in their Kickoff Kit, and be required to use, a new wireless bridge. The new bridge is still a D-Link DAP 1522, but only the hardware Rev B version will be permitted. More details about this change as well as other changes being made in response to the Einstein investigation will be shared in the next few weeks. Keep your eye on this blog for a pointer to a document that details progress on the “Next Steps” defined in the Einstein Investigation Report.

 wireless bridges side by side

Regional Slots

The following regionals still have team slots available.  Note that for some of these, the Regional page on our website shows zero open capacity – but this capacity does not include the handful of slots typically kept on reserve.  So, if you have any interest in going to these events, please register for them!  Also, please make sure to check the Regional page for specific dates of these events – some do not follow the Thursday-Saturday pattern.

  • Greater Toronto West
  • Western Canadian
  • Hub City
  • Las Vegas
  • Spokane
  • Israel
  • Pine Tree
  • Bayou
  • Buckeye
  • Central Valley

I’ll blog again soon.



Frank, I find your post regarding Regional slots confusing. Can you clarify please? Thanks.

Yes. Please see today's post.

Frank - you're talking to yourself again. We are worried about you. Probably should reserve that for your morning mirror time :-)

Thank you for the transparency about the new speed controllers and their legality. I hope that teams will be given plenty of notice about when the Victor 884 will no longer be legal. Many teams have a significant supply of Victor 884, and it is a significant cost to buy 10 or more speed controllers. Teams must have time in order to budget for that expense. When the Victor 883 was replaced by the Victor 884, there was only one year before the Victor 883 was made illegal, and the illegality was only announced in the rules at kickoff. This caused significant budget difficulties with no notice.

Will this year's LabView software have better support for 64-bit computers?

We're not aware of any issues with 64 bit systems and LabVIEW - we believe it had full support for 64 bit Vista and W7. However, you can post your concern on the LabVIEW Beta Test forum here:

The more details you give the better chance your question will be answered.

Our team found that it could not print using 64 bit LabView but could print using 32 bit LabView with W7. We were told that there might be a problem with the print driver in 64 bit LabView 2011 (FRC 2012).

Will the software provided in the KOP this year be compatible with windows 8?

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