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Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 16:28

Please see the note below from FRC Program Coordinator, Hannah Foust. Among other things, Hannah is responsible for our survey activity.

I know that we have a lot of surveys in FRC, but we’re asking for your feedback one more time in the Post Season Survey. For the 2014 post season wrap-up, we are seeking feedback on items like the FRC Email Blasts, Dean’s List Interview process, and game design.

Once the survey is over, we plan to share the data we collect. We use these surveys to help us make important decisions that help improve the value and quality of the program.

Please don’t forget to take the 2014 FRC Post Season Survey. We have emailed the link to the Post Season Survey to all main and alternate contacts, so please be sure to forward this on to all members of your team who may not receive the email blasts. 

You can also use this link to take the survey: The survey will close on Monday, June 20th. We ask that each participant only take the survey once. Thank you!

Please help us make the FRC program better by filling out that survey!




Hello, our school Robotics Team participated in your competition in Grenoble, France this May. Did you ever post about this on Facebook? We were looking but did not see it. Thank you.

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