FRC Team 2468, Team Appreciate, Earns $100M Over the Weekend!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 18:20

Oh, sorry, I was typing too fast. A movie Team Appreciate’s robot is in earned $100M over the weekend. Team Appreciate’s cut has not been made public, but let’s just say you can expect to see a substantial increase in their bot bling for the 2015 season.

Their robot from the 2012 season appears in the new Transformers movie*, shooting basketballs. The main character in the film even speaks to it. You can check out more info on Team Appreciate’s Facebook page

Nice work team!


*This is not an endorsement for the new Transformers movie. The last movie I watched was Fritz Lang’s M. That one I endorse, even though it has no robots in it.


WOW. I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS about getting your robot into a movie! I saw a GIF of it here and figured I would show it to you. Good luck in the upcoming seasons!

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