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Monday, August 12, 2013 - 12:00

As you may know, AndyMark has been executing FIRST Choice on behalf of FIRST since its inception in 2011. Since then, very small volumes of excess inventory have accumulated. The nature and volume of the selected items are too small to put in Kickoff Kits, distribute via FIRST Choice in 2014, or ship in Spare Parts cases.

Instead of scrapping these materials, we're going to make them available to FRC teams, for free.

Please understand that there isn't enough dispensable inventory to supply everyone, but it's important that these items end up with teams if they want them. 

AndyMark is going to make these items available under the following parameters:

  • Items are available in a limited time frame, specifically 8/19/13 (12pm noon ET) to 9/13/13.
  • Teams are responsible for shipping costs.
  • Items are available to 2013 FRC teams only (will be confirmed by asking for team number upon checkout)
  • There will be no hard limit on the quantity of items ordered, but please be reasonable with your order. If outliers are identified (e.g., someone is trying to scoop up a significant amount of inventory), the order will be placed on hold until FIRST has an opportunity to contact the team to better understand the situation.
  • Items going out of stock prior to your purchase will automatically be removed from your shopping cart.
  • Visit to access the FIRST Choice Liquidation.

Thank you to the team at AndyMark for performing this service for us, as well as the FRC Suppliers for their generous donations!

If you have any questions about the liquidation, please send them to We can't guarantee responses to comments on this blog, but our dedicated Operations department is happy to receive your direct questions.


My team wants to order 3 items. is it okay? or too much?

Thanks for your question – and I appreciate your consideration! We are avoiding a firm definition for excessive orders (3-4 DualVee wheels may make complete sense, however 3-4 laser distance meters probably doesn't). The call is subjective on our part, and like the Supreme Court, we’ll “know it when we see it.” Here’s a litmus test: if the items you’re ordering are important to you and your team then it’s probably fine. On the other hand, if you’re ordering items because you feel like you have to order something, but don’t expect to value or use the items, then please reconsider.

Why not donate the tools to the donation drive being spearheaded by the VISTAS? We are going to have one at the Ohio State Championship event.

Suppliers gave us these items with the intent that we provide them to teams free of charge. We thought this liquidation was the best approach to giving every team a chance to get their hands on these remainders.

What time does the website open for orders?

Hi Phil, the liquidation begins at 12pm ET. If you have any other questions, please contact Thanks!

Are there any special login credentials required like there were at the beginning of the season?

Hi Don, you don't need any special login credentials, just a team number. If you have any further questions, please contact Thanks!

At 3 seconds after 12:00 I attempted to place an order. After a minute and 30 seconds I finally got a screen that indicated that many of the items I wanted were no longer in stock. The more I moved through each step of the order process the fewer items that were available and the requirement to resubmit at a minute to 2 minutes each time. It is now 20 minutes after 12:00 and I am down to 1 item out 9 original and still have not been able to get an order in. Not worth the trouble and not how FIRST should do things.


Andy Mark has always been a great supporter of FIRST and wee should all be thankful for that.

Now it has become very clear after four attempts (I include Frist choice as well) at a 'free' give away it has failed. The whole process needs to be reviewed.

Our team had the same problem.

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