Frank Answers Fridays: June 27, 2014

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Friday, June 27, 2014 - 07:35

Today’s good question comes from Antonio Papa, from FRC Team 2590, Nemesis, out of Robbinsville, New Jersey, USA:


In previous years MAR and Michigan have always published supplemental rules to define how teams advance in addition to explaining the points structure. This year FIRST has taken over the points structure but hasn't published any supplemental rules. Rules were instead spread out over multiple blog posts or not explained clearly at all. Will FIRST be publishing supplemental rules for Districts next year to clearly define how teams advance to the World Championship?



Antonio, thanks for the question. I agree I didn’t do a good job making sure all the rules regarding the District points structure and other District-specific rules were in one place and easy to find. This year, our intention is to put them right in the FRC Manual, either as an additional section or as subsections of existing sections.



This is great news! The countless hours spent tracking these down by my team alone had to be over a dozen hours counting every time we had a question. Multiply that by all the teams and you have a lot of time wasted. Having a central location is exactly what is needed and it will be appreciated.

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