Kit of Parts Info and an actual Game Hint

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Friday, December 21, 2012 - 09:01

Kit of Parts

For those of you interested, the KOP Website has been updated to include more information about the sizes and weights of the various parts of the Kickoff Kit.


Game Hint #3

31 88274153, 622341415326

412383975388 9788533197

31 262383835388, 332341415326

93276426238397 995323979397


I’ll blog again soon.





Madness? This is Sparta!

what happened to game hint #1 and #2

Are hints random or is time actually spent making this kind of things? No disrespect meant of course

Erick, no disrespect assumed, don't worry. Hints are far from random, we invest time in trying to come up with the best hints we can.

I agree with jordan, this is the first hint I see on this site and yet it's labeled #3, where are the first 2?

The '#3' is just a label. You shouldn't assume that there were other hints. But you shouldn't assume there weren't either. In your shoes, I would make no assumptions.

I have seen game hint 1, but i haven't found the second hint.

"#3", it's part of the hint.

Hi guys. My team found what I think is the first hint. Here is the link :)

This hint has passed through Chief Delphi (they are still working on it) and this is what they came up with as the deciphering of the above numbers. May or may not be correct.


Hope this helps!

holding a platform steady...

How did they come up with those? Could you give the link to this?

They worked together and created a key for the numbers, dealing with pairs. There is one issue and that is that 97 can be both G and T.
This creates some discrepancies, like SINGER GREAT can also be SINTER TREAT and SINGER TREAT, for example.

holding weight...sounds interesting. then there is also that singer reference again (see 1st game hint)...
Then again, everyone is probably over thinking this, much to the amusement of FIRST

Anyone sensing a Gun's and Roses kind thing here?

I think that since he ignored the question twice, that is also part of the first game hint. :)

On the KOP dimensions page, it says that the AndyMark Drive Base Kit is only 30" long. Is this a typo?

There are no typos I'm aware of on the KoP dimensions page.

Is there a new battery then?
if not batteries are currently heavier than "battery box"

starting on hint #3? HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMATION!

Portal 3?!

this is obviously part numbers guys

Could it possibly be 3 alliances on a round playing field? The Mayan Calender is round and the hint was released on the day this Calender ends. Also, smaller dimensions for base, so smaller bots = 9 to a playing field. Just a thought...

Well, in the other hint I saw, the #3 and singers were quite prevalent. I'm guessing the 3 is definitely a hint, and that the deciphered code may actually have some validity to it.

This is awesome... Love you gm stupidly crazy stuff like this just makes that engine in the brain go what the...

Is the Page URL a miss type? or is it ment to say blogs-kit-of-ARTS-info-and-actual-game-hint?

there was a 1 and 2.
1st was a rick roll
2nd i never saw but heard had something to do with flowers.
theyre usually not posted on first's site. its more often their blog or chief delphi


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